Eye Serums for Crow's Feet

 eye serums for crow's feet

What do squinting and smiling have in common? These two actions aren't necessarily as opposite as you may think. In fact, some might argue that there's a merely a thin line between love and hate when it comes to the way your facial skin reacts to these reactions.

Certain actions or emotions cause you to squeeze the muscles at the corners of your eyes. Over time, this action, combined with age and elemental damage, can leave behind telltale signs of squints gone by. Like any wrinkle, crow's feet, or laugh lines, occur when the skin's collagen production slows and the elasticity is no longer strong enough to bounce back.

For many people, crow's feet are the first wrinkles to make their appearance. This is because humans are constantly contracting their facial muscles from the moment they're born. After thirty or forty years of ongoing around-the-eye activity, the skin begins to settle into a pattern, whereby it folds in the same place every time a squint, smile, or cry occurs.

To battle the signs of aging, it is essential to have a high-quality lineup of skincare products. While you probably realize how important great cleansers and moisturizers are, there's one anti-aging element that seems to slip through the cracks -- Eye serums. Packed with peptide intensifiers and collagen stimulators, eye serums help keep skin taut, thus smoothing away wrinkles and fine lines.

What ingredients should you look for when you're shopping for eye serum?

When it comes to skincare, serums offer some of the best anti-aging ingredients you can put on your beautiful face. Effective formulas contain ingredients that are meant to improve hyperpigmentation and smooth out wrinkles, helping skin retain a youthful look and feel.

Look for serums such as claraline, which contain:

Hyaluronic Acid -- Known as a natural lubricator, hyaluronic acid helps the body retain collagen, increase moisture, and enhance flexibility and elasticity.
Niacinamide -- More simply known as vitamin B3, niacinamide supports cellular energy production. It helps the body produce collagen by stimulating cells in the dermis, thus combating saggy skin and wrinkles.
Essential fatty acids -- Essential fatty acids help improve the skin barrier by protecting fragile facial tissue from dryness.

Why do eye serums work well for crow's feet?

Collagen is a protein in the body that's responsible for keeping your skin plump. When your body is producing optimal amounts of collagen, your skin is naturally able to battle crow's feet by keeping your skin firm. As you age, however, your body's collagen production begins to slow; in doing so, it becomes less able to keep wrinkles at bay. Although your body may not be able to naturally produce as much collagen as it did when you were younger, collagen-boosting ingredients found in serums such as claraline support a renewed ability to create this crease-reducing protein.

Serums are especially great for crow's feet because:

The tissue around your eyes is delicate. Serums are gentle, yet effective, meaning they can go to battle for your beauty without waging war on your fragile skin.

They work while you sleep. Ideally, you should apply serums after you wash your face in the morning and before bed, but the nighttime application is especially fitting for this part of your face, as your muscles are finally relaxed when you're resting.

Worried about the crow's feet that are starting to form around your eyes? Keep your head up, and don't stop smiling! With a solid lineup of great skincare products, your face will feel renewed and look reinvigorated. Be sure to arm your arsenal with a great eye serum to support cell turnover and collagen production. To learn more, email, call, or chat with one of our Dermaclara representatives today!

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