Education: How Are Stretch Marks On Women Formed?

how are stretch marks on women formed

A common question about stretch marks is: How are stretch marks on women formed?

Stretch marks are those long, ropey lines that can be found on the skin after a variety of life events such as puberty, pregnancy, and even rapid weight gain or loss. When stretch marks are new, they start off pinky-purple or reddish. Over time, they fade into whitish-silvery lines that stand out from the surrounding skin. Stretch marks are considered scars the form from the inside out.

Stretch marks on women are formed when the female body increases or decreases in size, and the skin cannot keep up with the rapidly expanding tissue. Stretch marks then develop in those areas. Common causes of stretch mark formation include pregnancy, when the abdomen enlarges to accommodate a growing fetus; puberty, when a growth spurt causes rapid height and weight increases; and rapid weight gain or loss, when the skin cannot keep up with quick tissue expansion or contraction. 

Though painless, unsightly stretch marks cause emotional distress for many women. The ability to wear fashion such as shorts, bathing suits, and tank tops is also affected. Until now, treatment options were limited to creams or laser treatments. Creams have proven to be mostly ineffective, and lasers expensive (not to mention, lasers don't work on all skin types and tones).

Enter Silicone Fusion™ Technology. Featured in Silicone Fusion™ Treatments, this new method of stretch mark reduction is painless, easy, and affordable. Consisting of medical grade silicone that adheres to skin affected by stretch marks, Silicone™ Fusion™ has been shown to quickly and effectively reduce the appearance of stretch marks on areas like the abdomen, hips, thighs, arms, and chest WITHOUT pain or chemicals. To learn more, visit

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