Does Sleeping on your Side Create Chest Wrinkles?

does sleeping on your side create chest wrinkles

You spend so much time carefully caring for your breasts during your waking hours, wearing bras that support your upper area while keeping your body comfortable and feeling great beneath your clothing. While properly-fitting bras are absolutely essential for the physical well-being of your body, there's a certain amount of care your chest needs during the nighttime hours, as well.

As you age, the morning alarm might signal more than the time you're supposed to wake up and start your day; it might also signify the moment you look in the mirror and notice a series of lines and crevices that have crept down your chest while you slept.

Does Sleeping on your Side Create Chest Wrinkles?

The short answer is -- Not exactly.

Like most things in life, there isn't a one-size-fits-all answer for this question. There's a little more to this story than a simple yes or no answer. Allow us to explain a little:

When you sleep, your body undergoes restorative processes to eliminate the stresses of the day and reset itself so it's ready for the day ahead. While your internal organs automatically benefit from a good night's rest, your external organ often needs a little help embracing the rejuvenation process.

In other words, your skin needs some TLC before you head to bed so it can stay hydrated and happy while you sleep. If the skin around your decollete area isn't properly hydrated and cared for, a restful night's sleep on your side can certainly reveal an unwelcome landscape of wrinkles when the morning sun arrives.

sleeping on your side and chest wrinkles

How Do You Prevent Chest Wrinkles?

Before elemental and aging factors begin to take effect, it's important to take preventative measures to ensure your skin continues to look as healthy and youthful as possible.

Take Your Vitamins. If you check out the labels of most high-quality skincare products, you're likely to find a fair amount of Mother Nature's nutritional necessities within the ingredients. Vitamin A has been shown to be an excellent aid when it comes to combating wrinkles. Vitamin A derivatives, also known as retinoids, have proven themselves to be awesome age-fighters and are frequently used to reduce wrinkles, fade hyperpigmentation spots, and smooth out rough patches.
If vitamins are great in skincare creams, it only makes sense to boost your body's ability to defy the aging process by adding vitamins to your regular dietary regimen.

Soften Your Skin with Serum. Consider serum an age-defying elixir that's ready to bring back your skin's youthful glow. With a peptide-infused formula that boosts the body's natural collagen production, claraline is one skincare serum you won't want to be without if you're trying to prevent or eliminate chest wrinkles.

Moisturize. Hydration is essential if you want to keep your skin taut and firm. Clarasome radiance-restoring moisturizer is formulated to protect your skin throughout the day and night, facilitating the restorative process along the way.

What Can You Do about Existing Chest Wrinkles?

Time has its way of coming into our lives, whether it's invited or not. If the morning leaves you with chest wrinkles, side-sleeping isn't solely to blame. Reinforce your positive skincare regimen with products that deliver additional hydration and smoothing effects during the restorative nighttime hours.

Silicone gel pads are some of modern day science's gifts to great skincare. Products such as medical grade silicone gel pads bring a whole new meaning to rejuvenated skin by creating micro-environments that produce the perfect amount of moisture while soothing and smoothing the delicate skin around the chest. Silicone Fusion™ is a product created by Dermaclara, which amplifies good skincare regimens by pampering delicate decollete skin tissue while you sleep.

Sleeping on your side can cause chest wrinkles to appear, but the act of side-sleeping is seldom the cause of these crevices all by itself. The skin below your neck is incredibly delicate, and it can dehydrate easily. The less moisturized skin is, the more crepe-like it becomes. While sleeping on your side can exasperate the problem and make it more obvious, it's important to address the underlying causes that created the chest wrinkles in the first place then take steps to alleviate the troubles in this area.

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