Does Dermaclara Clarafuse Work On All Skin Types And Skin Tones?

does dermaclara clarfuse work on all skin type and tones

Dermaclara Silicone Fusion™ is the latest game-changing stretch mark and wrinkle treatment. Forget chemical, injections, or lasers -- Dermaclara's advanced scientific stretch mark treatment uses Silicone Fusion™ Technology, which is the power of medical grade silicone, traditionally used to treat scars and surgery wounds, to treat stretch marks. Though silicone has been used before, Dermaclara's advanced, proprietary version (called Silicone Fusion™ Technology) utilizes size and adhesion to work on stretch marks all over the body.

Who Gets Stretch Marks?

Stretch marks can happen to almost anyone. Because they're linked to rapid weight fluctuations where your skin can't keep up with such quick expansion, common culprits include pregnancy, puberty growth spurts, and rapid weight gain/loss. Both men and women from all ethnic groups get stretch marks. Though some ethnic groups may be more prone to them, men and women with every type of skin and skin tone can get stretch marks. The more color you have in your skin, the more obvious stretch marks can be, since they generally fade to a silvery-white after the initial reddish-purple stage when they first appear.

Does Silicone Fusion™ Work on All Skin Types?

The advantage of Dermaclara Silicone Fusion™ Treatment is that it contains no chemicals, uses no lasers, and doesn't require any injections. As you may know, some stretch mark treatments such as various lasers and certain injections may not work for every skin tone. Because the medical grade silicone used in Silicone Fusion™ doesn't require chemicals or lasers, Dermaclara Silicone Fusion™ works on all skin types and skin tones. All ethnic groups can benefit from a reduction in the appearance of stretch marks when they use Silicone Fusion™ Technology. For more information, or to order, visit

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