Do Wrinkle Patches Work?

Let’s talk wrinkles. You know that shirt you reach for that’s perfectly soft, possibly hole-y, but in all the right places? Maybe it’s from your alma mater or an ex’s shirt that was too perfect to give away. In those circumstances, the worn-in, perfectly imperfect, wrinkled shirt is ideal. But, when it comes to the skin, not so much. We can’t help but live in our skin, so obviously, it will experience some wear and tear. But, we can prepare for that, and one of the best ways of doing so is with wrinkle patches. 

What are wrinkle patches?

Wrinkle patches shouldn’t be too unfamiliar, but if you are new to the skincare

world and just beginning to build out your skincare routine, you may be wondering what they are, what they do, and whether or not they work. Most commonly, wrinkle patches are adhesives you wear overnight or for an extended period of time to help keep the muscles in place. By helping the muscles stay in place, wrinkles and fine lines are less likely to form.

Many brands rely on paper adhesive, kind of like stickers, or gel-like pads. At Dermaclara, our wrinkle pads are made with 100% medical-grade silicone. They are dermatologist-approved, non-invasive, chemical-free, and guaranteed to deliver results.

How do wrinkle patches work?

Other brands rely on outside ingredients to boost results. Those ingredients can include retinol, hyaluronic acid, and peptides. Depending on the product, they either seal the skin in with these ingredients or utilize micro darts to help the skin absorb the ingredients more quickly.

Dermaclara silicone patches are unique and versatile to your needs. The silicone fosters a microclimate between the silicone seal and your skin. This process amplifies moisture and collagen production resulting in taut, plump, youthful skin. The adhesive also holds the skin in place, helping to decrease and erase fine lines and wrinkles.

When you delicately peel away the Dermaclara patch, revitalized skin is revealed.

How often should you use wrinkle patches?

Honestly, the answer to this question is up to you! It’s your face, your body, and your wrinkles, so you know best how often you should incorporate wrinkle patches into your routine.

That said, no matter what you decide, we recommend consistent repetition. Our patches can be reused 15 to 30 times so you can incorporate them into your routine over a significant period. You will notice a change after a single use, but we suggest using them for three to six months for continued results and a more permanent change.

Are wrinkle patches reusable?

Yes, we are proud to say that Dermaclara wrinkle patches are reusable! Our patches can be reused for up to 30 uses. All you need to do is gently remove the patches, clean them with our Patch Prep, let them air dry, and reapply them to the backing card.

Our silicone patches were designed for women by women. And our founder understood the value in a product you can repeatedly turn to and rely on.

How long does it take for wrinkle patches to work?

As we said above, a single use will deliver noticeable results. With Dermaclara, a single use is about 15 to 20 minutes. That is a short amount of time to wait to see real change! For lasting results, we recommend incorporating Dermaclara into your routine for three to six months.

How to use wrinkle patches

Okay! Let’s get to it! What is the best way to use wrinkle patches? Below is our founder's signature skincare routine using face patches. This routine is universal and can be applied to our forehead, neck, and chest patches.

1. Prep

Begin by cleaning your face with a cleanser. We recommend Claraprep as it is soft and gentle but effective in clearing away dirt, sweat, and makeup.

2. Patch Up

Apply the forehead, eye, mouth, neck, and chest silicone patches. Our patches are versatile, so feel free to place them anywhere you think you need a boost.

3. Set the Timer

The minimum time recommended is 15 to 20 minutes. Our founder suggests adding silicone patches to your nighttime skincare routine. Apply your patches and take the extra time to complete a few nighttime chores.

4. Peel Off

After the time is up, gently remove the patches and clean them with Patch Prep. Let them dry before reapplying them to the backing card. ​​Our patches can be reused for 15 to 30 uses.

5. Continue the Care

When you integrate Dermaclara patches into your skincare routine, they leave your skin fully prepared and more susceptible to the other steps in your skincare regimen. So, run through the rest of your skincare routine and reap the benefits.

6. Marvel

With Dermaclara, you are redefining and strengthening your skin. Our patches deliver the glowy, plump, bouncy skin you deserve. Take a second to admire your new look.

What are the best anti wrinkle patches?

Best reusable forehead wrinkle patch  

Look no further than our SILICONEFUSION™ Forehead Patches. Our scientifically proven patches erase away forehead lines, frown lines, 11s, and brow droop.

Best reusable face patches

Whether you are targetting a single zone or want a total refresh, Dermaclara literally has you covered. Our eye and mouth patches are a household skincare staple. After 15 to 20 minutes, your crow’s feet will fade, your laugh lines disappear, and your marionette lines will erase.

Best anti wrinkle neck patches

Unfortunately, the neck doesn’t get enough love, but if you have been looking to give it some special attention, these Dermaclara neck patches are the best. Our signature microclimate will help tighten the skin and clear away wrinkles—no more “​​turkey neck,” “tech neck,” or neck bands.

Best chest pads for wrinkles

The Dermaclara chest patches for wrinkles wipe away years of sun exposure, leaving you with a fresh décolletage. Think fancy dinner, gala, or even poolside party where you can really show off your new neckline.

If you are still unsure, check out some of our DermaLOVERS anti wrinkle chest pad reviews!


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