Do stretch marks from puberty go away?

teenage stretch marks solutions

As if being a teenager wasn’t hard enough, they also have a risk of developing stretch marks from puberty as well. While this often is a result of rapid growth spurts, growing too quickly isn’t the only cause of stretch marks for teenagers. 

If you’ve been wondering, “are stretch marks normal in puberty?”, or “do puberty stretch marks go away?”. The answers to both of these questions are simple to answer. Yes, stretch marks in puberty are extremely common, and with the right teenage stretch marks solutions the stretch marks in teenagers can go away in just a few short months with consistent care. 

If you are concerned about your child getting stretch marks, there are things that you can do that will help to reduce the risk of stretch marks in your teenager. If they already have stretch marks, there are some things that you can do that will eliminate stretch marks.

Are stretch marks normal in puberty?

Unfortunately stretch marks are a common result of puberty. They often appear during the teen years and are the result of rapid growth or weight gain and can show up on their back, thighs and other areas of the body. This often happens when they grow too quickly. Rapid growth spurts causes the skin to stretch beyond its capabilities and causes the skin to tear leaving a scar which is known as a stretch mark. 

This is often not known but most people who have stretch marks are predisposed to get them. This means that you likely have a family history of stretch marks so when your skin is put under pressure from being overweight, or growing too quickly you can expect stretch marks to appear on your skin.

teenage stretch marks solutions

What causes puberty stretch marks?

The cause of stretch marks is the stretching of your skin. But the severity of the stretch marks is dependent by several factors, such as your genetics and the degree of stress on the skin. Sometimes the levels of the hormone cortisol can play a role as well. 

But generally, as we mentioned earlier, the biggest factor is your genetic risk and family history of stretch marks. This isn’t something that you can change, but there are things that you can do to improve the quality of your skin, improve your health and reduce your risk.

How long do stretch marks last during puberty?

There are different stages of stretch marks, and at any stage you can begin the process of healing the skin to fade the stretch marks.. 

In the early stage of stretch marks, they often appear pink in color. They can sometimes be itchy as a result of the skin healing. This is similar to how your cuts may feel as they are healing. 

In the second stage, stretch marks become a reddish or purple color and grow larger in length and width. You can often see lines in the scars. 

During the third stage stretch marks mature and become more of a silverish color and are often more difficult to see. They are often indented into the skin. 

Do stretch marks go away after puberty?

Teenage stretch marks often take between six and 12 months to begin fading, however, with an effective treatment, they can often fade faster. 

How to get rid of stretch marks caused by puberty

Stretch marks often fade away over time, but this doesn’t mean that they will fade away completely. While these are harmless most people want to eliminate these scars completely and this is especially true with teenagers. Stretch marks in teens often add to their already existing self-esteem issues. Whether it’s teenage stretch marks on shoulders, back or thighs they can feel insecure.

Finding the right solution to get rid of teenage puberty stretch marks on back or any other areas is important. Thankfully there is one method of treatment that has been proven to be successful at eliminating stretch marks - Dermaclara silicone patches. These patches have the ability to create the perfect microclimate for your skin to start the healing process. In just a few short months of consistent use you can expect a noticeable difference. 

Sometimes it’s essential to address the underlying cause of teenage stretch marks, especially if they are caused by obesity or being overweight. You’ll want to develop a healthy diet and workout regime alongside the silicone patches to prevent further stretch marks from developing. 

Some other forms of treatment include stretch marks cream for teenagers, but this often consists of unwanted chemicals and will not completely eliminate the stretch marks. 

teenage stretch marks solutions

How to prevent stretch marks during puberty

While it isn’t always possible to prevent stretch marks, especially the ones that are caused by rapid growth spurts, there are some ways that you can prevent stretch marks that are commonly caused by weight gain or poor elasticity of the skin.

Changing the Foods That They Eat. Eating foods that promote collagen development, such as green vegetables, berries, avocados, and lean meats. These foods will promote the development of collagen and improve the elasticity of the skin. So when or if the skin stretches it will prevent it from tearing. Increased protein in the body helps to strengthen skin and improve its elasticity. Consider making smoothies for the foods that your child might not want to eat and disguise them into a fruit smoothie to ensure they are getting exactly what they need to improve the health of their skin. 

Staying Hydrated: A well hydrated body often means well hydrated skin. And when your skin is well hydrated it’s less likely to stretch, tear, and scar during growth spurts. You should check with your child's doctor to find the correct amount of water that is recommended for your child to drink each day. If your child doesn’t like water, there are plenty of flavored water options to choose from. 

Avoid Overconsumption of Sugar: Sugar and children seem to go hand and hand. Let’s face it most kids, and many adults have a love for candy, sweets, and sodas. Be sure that you are limiting the amount of sugar that they are consuming. This will help to prevent stretch marks, as excess sugar in the body attaches to collagen proteins and damages them. This increases the risk of stretch marks forming. 

Make Lotion A Daily Routine: This might take time to develop this new habit, but by keeping their skin well moisturized will help to keep the skin hydrated, soft and it will strengthen skin. All of these things help to prevent stretch marks from forming. Depending on the age of your child you might want to check with their pediatrician for a safe product for your child to use. This will help you to avoid unnecessary chemicals that can be found in many products.

While each of these things will aid in helping to prevent the stretch marks on back of teenager from forming, this doesn’t mean that it’s fool proof. Whether it’s stretch marks on thighs teenager or any part of their body it’s important that you create a daily habit of using Dermaclara’s medical grade silicone patches to eliminate the stretch marks.

teenage stretch marks solutions

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