Clarafuse Stretch Marks Results

Dermaclara Beauty Silicone Fusion™ is the newest stretch mark treatment to hit the market, attracting attention from the media and praise from users. Innovation's the name of the game when it comes to Silicone Fusion™ stretch mark treatment. Dermaclara uses Silicone Fusion™ Technology as part of its treatment protocol. Because the medical grade silicone in Dermaclara Beauty Silicone Fusion treatments works in conjunction with the rest of the Dermaclara Beauty system, it offers quick, impressive results when treating stretch marks.

 Dermaclara Before and After Results


Silicone Fusion™ works well on any area of the body that's prone to stretch marks -- thighs (shown), stomach, arms, chest, knees, and even the back of the calves. The large, versatile heart-shaped treatment adheres comfortably to any of these areas.  After cleansing with Dermaclara claraprep creamy cleanser, and applying claraline peptide serum, just apply for one to nine hours (Silicone Fusion™ treatment can even be worn under clothing) and watch how quickly stretch marks fade. Not only that, each Silicone Fusion™ stretch mark treatment can be used up to 30 times -- just rinse and store after each treatment.

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