Clarafuse Stretch Mark Treatment Review

Mar 24, 2017

clarafuse stretch mark treatment review

Clarafuse Stretch Mark Treatment, from innovative skincare company Dermaclara, has recently debuted to the excitement of stretch mark sufferers everywhere. Until now, there were few options to treat stretch marks. Creams are mostly ineffective, and laser treatments at dermatologist office don't always work for everyone -- plus, they're costly and require multiple treatments.

Clarafuse Stretch Mark Treatment features Silicone Fusion Technology, which harnesses the power of medical grade silicone to treat stretch marks withouth chemicals, injections, lasers, or surgery. Usage is simple. Just place the sticky side of one of the heart-shaped silicone treatments on an area you'd like to treat (arms, legs, abdomen, hips, etc.), then wait 1-9 hours. Peel off. Most users see results quickly, with results improving with cumulative use.

Here's what some of the first users of clarafuse Stretch Mark Treatment have said:

"I've had stretch marks on my hips since I was 15 years old! I used lots of creams to try to get rid of them, but nothing work. After reading about Dermaclara clarafuse Stretch Mark Treatment, I decided to give it a shot. I'm so happy I did! They look a lot less noticeable now!" - Sarah L., Dallas, TX

"After having twins, my stomach was a mess. I had stretch marks where I never knew you could get them. After faithfully using clarafuse stretch mark treatment for several weeks, there's a definite reduction in the depth and width of my stretch marks. Will continue using it!" - Angie P., San Bernardino, CA

"I weirdly have some stretch marks around my knees, which have always really bothered me. I started using clarafuse, which felt nice and cool when they it was sticking to my knees. I even was able to wear it all day underneath pants! Knees look so much better now, and I can't wait til the weather warms up so I can wear shorts and skirts without embarrassment!" - Clara T., Des Moines, IA

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