Careers of the Future

Sep 22, 2017

careers of the future

What will your career look like in five, 10, or 20 years? Will it be outsourced or automated? If you play your cards right, your career could keep you in the money for long after retirement. Here are some of the top careers of the future.

Career #1: Healthcare

According to recent Labor Department data, an aging population will put healthcare workers such as doctors, nurses, physical therapists, home health aids, and pharmacists in more demand, with more than 4 million jobs added to this sector by 2018. 

Career #2: Information Technology

Think of all the technology we didn't have growing up, or even just a few years ago. Computers, the internet, and smartphones have changed the way we live, do business, and communicate. And they will continue to change at lightening speed. As technology continues to evolve, and take part in even more parts of our lives, IT professionals such as programmers, security specialists, and administrators will continue to be in high demand.

Career #3: Alternative Energy

While oil and gas aren't making an exit yet, exciting alternative energies such as wind power, hydrogen power, geothermal power, and solar power will create dozens of new careers, like plant managers, scientists, engineers, and sales and marketing professionals. These energies will be mainstream, creating entire industries and the jobs needed to run them.

Career #4: Content Creation

As marketing becomes more education-based and less sales-based, the demand for writers of various expertise areas who specialize in blogs, newsletters, website articles, whitepapers, and more will also increase.

Career #5: Marketing

With increasing competition, companies need to find new ways of differentiating their products and services, which is why marketing professionals will be kept in high demand. Because marketing trends, strategies, and technology change over time, marketing professionals who can show they can keep up with strategy will be better positioned and financially rewarded.

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