Can sunken eyes be reversed?

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Do you constantly hear people saying how tired you look? When you are dealing with dark circles, bags or hollows under eyes you’ll hear this often. This is because the dark bags under your eyes often create an under eye sunken appearance. However, for some people this can be a result of something more. 

Maybe someone has said your eyes look deep, but not in the mysterious kind of way. Deep eyes meaning that your eyes are set farther into your skull than most people's eyes are.

But the most important thing you can know is that sunken eyes can be reversed.

What do sunken eyes look like?

Sunken eyes don’t always look the same, and there are a handful of reasons for this but mostly due to the underlying cause of the conditions. However, some of the most common symptoms of sunken eyes are dark circles, dark bags, dark shading, lose or skin under eyes thin, hollow-looking eyes, puffiness on your lower eyelid, and lower eyelid that looks as though it’s sagging. 

What medical condition causes sunken eyes?

The most common cause of sunken upper eyelids or hollow upper eyes is aging. This is because as you get older you experience soft tissue and bone loss which give you the appearance of sunken upper eyelids and lower eyelids. As you age you lose collagen. Collagen is an abundant protein that gives your skin its strength and flexibility. The loss of collagen is often most noticeable in the skin under your eyes. It causes your eyes to go back into the eye sockets giving the sunken eyes appearance.  

But age certainly isn’t the only cause of this condition.

In many cases sunken eyes, it is directly related to your nutrition and if you live a healthy lifestyle. Most often the condition can be avoided. In fact, “hollow” eyes are the most common symptom of undernutrition.

And thankfully it can also be treated as well by making the necessary changes depending on your specific needs.

Here are some of the health issues that cause sunken eyes and the skin under the eyes to change: 

Vitamin deficiencies

Not getting enough vitamins can cause many health-related issues. And if you are deficient in vitamin C, vitamin K, and iron it can result in your eyes becoming sunken. 

Vitamin C is responsible for how your body absorbs iron. It helps to decrease bruising, and vitamin K is responsible for blood clotting. When you are deficient in these vitamins you’ll likely bruise easily and have poor skin and sunken eyes. 

Sleep issues

Having trouble sleeping is probably the first reason people have many of the symptoms of sunken eyes, such as dark circles and dark bags under your eyes. This is because disrupted sleep, or a lack of sleep, is one of the common causes of sunken eyes. Many people do not get enough sleep or wake up frequently throughout the night. This will cause discoloration to the skin just below your eyes. Establishing and maintaining a good sleep pattern will effectively treat the condition.

Underlying Medical Conditions

There are some underlying medical conditions that may cause sunken eyes. Some of these conditions can be as simple as a sinus infection, or more severe as cancer, or thyroid disease.


Our genes and DNA play a major role in many things, and sunken eyes is sometimes one of these things. It's directly related to the position of the eyes in the sockets and there is nothing that you’ll be able to do about this.


It’s not uncommon for allergies to be the cause of this condition. It can cause your eyes to sink and form dark circles under them. This is a result of inflammation in the tiny blood vessels just below your eyes and a blocked nasal passage.

Sinus infections

If you suffer from sinus infections this can be the cause. When your sinuses are inflamed from nasal congestion and pressure it can cause sunken eyes.

Does wearing glasses make your eyes sunken?

No, this is just an old wives' tale. It is absolutely impossible for your eyes to become sunken as a result of wearing glasses for any length of time.  

Another wife's tale is that depression can cause sunken eyes. Depression sunken eyes are not an actual thing. Depression can do many things to your body but causing them to become deep is not one of these things. However, having sunken eyes, or constant dark circles and bags may trigger emotional reactions that can cause you to feel depressed because you feel negatively about your body.  

How to fix dark circles and sunken eyes


Having dark circles under the lower eyelids is common for many people. The dark circles and bags under your eyes give you that tired appearance, and it very well could be a lack of sleep. Fatigue is one of the leading causes of this condition. And while there is no need for concern it’s likely you wish that they weren’t there. 

Dark circles are also very common in older adults, people with darker skin tones, and those who are genetically predisposed for the condition.

So how can you get rid of them? Is there such a thing as reverse hollowing?

You’ve probably heard about serum for sunken eyes, but there is something better. 

Best treatment for sunken under eyes

One of the best hollows under eyes treatment is by far the silicone patches under your eyes. The silicone draws moisture from the lower layer of skin under your eyes to the upper layer of skin. This aids in your skin's natural ability to retain moisture, which will help to minimize the appearance of the dark circles, bags and sunken eyes.

These under-eye patches have been proven to target dark circles, reduce puffiness and help you look more well-rested. So, people can finally stop saying how tired you look. Plus, you want to thicken under eye skin naturally and these patches do just that. 

Dermaclara’s 100% medical grade under-eye patches will hydrate, nourish and plump your skin! It’s important that when you are choosing a silicone patch that you choose the masks that are shaped to fit under your eyes for the best results. The goal of these patches is to eliminate the tired look and brighten, hydrate, de-puff and smooth the layer of skin under your eyes. With only 20 minutes a day it’s been scientifically proven to combat the symptoms of sunken eyes.


Sunken eyes before and after

You don't have to live with this condition. Finding the right treatment that is both effective and affordable is important. One of the best ways to find the best treatment is by looking at the results of other people. Using the internet to do some research for testimonials and results makes this easier. 

You can find plenty images of sunken eyes results from the variety of treatment options in order to find the one that you believe will be provide you with the results that you desire whether it’s Dermaclara under eye patches, cold compresses, getting extra sleep, staying hydrated, tea bags or eye creams.

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