Big City vs Suburbs - Which One is Right for You?

Sep 08, 2017

big city vs suburbs

This struggle plays out in households and between couples across the country - the decision to live in the big city or in the suburbs. Though each option has both appeal and drawbacks, you have to carefully consider the pros and cons of each, and think about what would work for your family. Do you have a young family or one with older, more independent kids? Can you telecommute or do you have to go into an office everyday? Do both spouses work, or does one stay home?

Big City - Pros

  • Tons of cultural and arts activities - You'll never be at a loss for what to do! Music, art, a lively food scene - all of this will be found in a big city.
  • Extremely diverse - With people from across the globe flocking to big cities, you'll hear a multitude of different languages, meet people from every walk of life, and be enriched by multicultural friendships.
  • A better job market - Most jobs are in big cities. And if you live in one, the chances of finding a job in your field improve.
  • An easier commute (usually) - With top-notch public transportation that includes subways, trains, and buses, it can be easy getting around. No need to hop in the car every day, and drive for half-hour or more.

Big City - Cons

  • Expensive - Most people can't afford a home in a large city, particularly close to city center.
  • Loud and crowded - Unless you have sound-proof walls, you'll be hearing garbage trucks, honking, barking dogs, and music at all hours.
  • More dangerous - The more people, the higher the chance of both violent and non-violent crimes occurring. 


Suburbs - Pros

Affordable - The chances of being able to afford your own home in the suburbs is much higher than it is in the big city. This is the main reason most families move to the suburbs.

More space - You can living in much more comfortable surroundings, with multiple bedrooms and a large backyard.

Family - You may have family that lives close by. This built-in support system is invaluable to young families!

Closer to nature - Though not true in all cases, the suburbs are usually closer to nature - sometimes in your own backyard! Grass, trees, and parks make for a wonderful outdoors experience for kids.

Safety - Most suburbs are safe. Depending on where you live, some people leave their doors unlocked.

Suburbs - Cons

Commuting - You may have a long commute from your comfy house in the 'burbs all the way to the office. This long drive can grind on your after years of doing it.

Driving - Along with commuting, you usually can't get to anywhere without driving. The supermarket, restaurants, and other shops require driving a car.

Things to do - There may be little (or even nothing ) to do in the suburbs. The bored suburban housewife isn't just a myth, you know. Unlike in the big city, you can't walk out your door and encounter a plethora of activities.



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