Best DIY Gelatin Face Masks You Need To Try

Best DIY Gelatin Face Masks You Need To Try

Keeping your skin clean and clear can be a real challenge. While it’s important that you wash your face at the end of each day, washing itself isn’t going to dig into your pores and excise all the tiny dirt particles that are trapped inside irritating your skin, accumulating oil and bacteria. For that, you'll need a good face mask

Gelatin face masks are among the most popular type of DIY face masks because they’re easy to make, easy to apply, and easy to wash off. Overall, they do an outstanding job of cleansing your face.

We're going to take a close look at DIY gelatin face masks and see if we can figure out what makes them so effective.

What Are Gelatin Face Masks and the Benefits 

A gelatin face mask is a mixture of gelatin powder and other ingredients that you apply to your face on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Its job is to grab hold of the pollutants hiding in your pores and pull them out. A gelatin face mask provides a whole ‘nother layer of cleanliness as well as other benefits including: 

  • Smoother skin - One of the jobs of the gelatin face mask is to exfoliate your skin. Once your face is shorn of dead skin cells, it will look and feel smoother.
  • Tighter skin - Exfoliating all the dirt, toxins, and dead skin cells from your face will reinvigorate the skin. The underlying layer that comes to the fore will be more supple and tighter than the dirty, loose skin it’s replacing.
  • Helps prevent acne - A gelatin face mask pulls dirt and environmental pollutants from your pores. But just as important is the fact that it clears your pores of excess oil and bacteria that can cause acne.
  • Gets rid of blackheads - Few things are more effective at removing blackheads than a good gelatin mask.
  • Promotes collagen growth - A good gelatin face mask will promote the production of collagen in the underlying layers.

What is a Gelatin Face Mask For? 

A gelatin face mask is for digging down deep into the pores and pulling out the dirt, blackheads, and toxins.

gelatin face mask

Can You Use a Gelatin Facemask for Redness? 

You shouldn’t use a gelatin face mask for redness. In fact, if you use a gelatin face mask more than once a week, it may cause redness. 

“The irritation and the subsequent inflammation that can come about through exfoliation can aggravate acne.” - Dr. Elma Baron, Dermatologist

When Should You Use Gelatin Face Masks and How do They Work? 

The essential premise of the gelatin face mask is that you put certain things onto your face (the mask) and they pull other things (blackhead, dirt etc) out of the skin

You should use a gelatin face mask once every week or two weeks in order to cleanse your skin of deep-seated dirt and toxins that your cleanser can't remove. If you leave these things inside your pores, they'll do permanent damage to it and likely lead to pimples or acne or other types of blemishes. 

A gelatin face mask works by adhering to the skin and forming a vacuum between the mask and the skin, when the mask is pulled off the vacuum sucks out dirt, oil, environmental toxins, and whatever else has taken up residence in the pores. 

Removing the mask also removes any dead or dying skin cells from your face allowing a new, healthier layer of skin to come to the fore. If you care about your skin, you shouldn't wait until you have a problem to use a gelatin face mask. Instead, you should incorporate it into your regular skincare routine.

How Often Can You do a Gelatin Face Mask? 

You can do a gelatin face mask once a week—any more and you risk irritating your skin.

Top 7 Gelatin Face Masks to Try 

Let’s take a look at the 7 best gelatin face masks that you can try at home.

The Milk and Gelatin Mask 

This type of mask is made specifically to reach into your pores and pull out blackheads. The mask takes only a few minutes to make and requires only two ingredients, gelatin powder, and milk. Here’s how you do it. 

  • Place 1 tsp of gelatin powder and 1 1/2 tsp of milk in a microwave-safe bowl
  • Mix them together thoroughly
  • Heat for 10 seconds on medium
  • Remove, let it cool a bit if necessary, and then apply
  • Leave in place for 30 minutes then remove using lukewarm water

The Yogurt and Gelatin Mask 

yogurt and gelatin face mask

Yogurt is a popular DIY skincare ingredient and it's put to optimal use here. This is healing and serves as a cleansing mask that mixes up in about 3 minutes and only requires gelatin, yogurt, and flour to make. Here’s how you do it. 

  • Put 1 tsp of gelatin powder and 1 of yogurt in a bowl
  • Mix lightly then add 1 tsp of flour and mix until you have a smooth paste
  • Apply it evenly to your face and leave on for 20 minutes
  • Wash off using lukewarm water

The Water and Gelatin Mask 

This is the ultimate simple face mask for anyone suffering from dry skin. There are no secret ingredients here, just gelatin and water. Takes about 3 minutes to make.

  • Put 1 tsp of gelatin in a bowl
  • Add a bit of warm water and mix until it gets thick
  • Place it in the microwave for 10 seconds
  • Remove and make sure it thoroughly blended
  • Apply evenly and leave in place for 30 minutes
  • Use warm water to remove

The Baking Soda and Gelatin Mask 

This simple mask does an excellent job of removing blackheads. All that’s required to make it is a bit of baking powder, gelatin powder, and some lemon juice. Here’s how you make it. 

  • Put 2 tsp of gelatin and 3 tsp of baking soda in a bowl
  • Mix them thoroughly then add 1 tsp of lemon juice
  • Mix well then place in microwave on high for 5 seconds
  • Apply to face when cool and leave on for 30 minutes
  • Rinse off with lukewarm water

The Lemon and Gelatin Mask 

To make this mask, all you'll need it some gelatin powder, lemon juice, and water. It’s great for cleansing and tightening up the skin. Here’s how you make it:

  • Mix 1 tsp of gelatin and 1 tsp of lemon in a bowl
  • Add 1/2 to 1 tsp of water and blend until you have a paste
  • Apply evenly to the face and leave on for 20 minutes
  • Wash off with room temperature water

The Honey and Gelatin Mask 

Maybe the most luxurious feeling face mask on our list this one requires gelatin powder, honey, and a bit of olive oil. When you're done, your skin will feel smooth and lustrous. Here’s how you make it:

  • Mix 1 tsp of gelatin powder in a bowl with a bit of warm water
  • Mix it thoroughly then add 1 tsp of honey and 1 tsp of olive oil
  • While the mixture is still warm, apply it to your face
  • Leave it on for 30 minutes then remove using lukewarm water

Egg White and Gelatin Mask 

Another uber-simple face mask, the egg white and gelatin mask infuse the skin with vital nutrients. All you need to make it is gelatin powder and egg white. Here’s how you do it:

  • Place 1 tsp of gelatin in a bowl and heat it in the microwave for 5 seconds
  • Beat an egg white in a separate bowl then add it to the warm gelatin
  • Mix thoroughly then apply
  • Leave in place for 20 minutes then remove with lukewarm water

Best Alternatives to Gelatin Face Masks

 Silicone Fusion™ Face System

Silicone Fusion™ Face System

Silicone Fusion™ Patches for Face by Dermaclara Beauty is a system of medical-grade silicone patches that, in many ways, mimic the mechanisms of gelatin face masks. They exfoliate while restoring moisture and pH levels and removing bacteria that can lead to acne. They also allow for the repair of acne scars. Testing giant BioScreen has put S patches under the microscope and concluded that they provide quantifiable benefits in more than 90 percent of cases.

African Black Soap Problem Skin Facial Mask 

African Black Soap Problem Skin Facial Mask | SheaMoisture

SheaMoisture African Black Soap mask uses tea tree oil to help clear the skin and shea butter to restore moisture and luster. 

The makers of this dermatologist tested mask understand that this type of skincare can sometimes be abrasive and dry the skin out by removing vast amounts of moisture along with the blackheads and toxins. The African Black Soap Problem Skin Facial Mask is designed to restore that lost moisture.

Bioré Charcoal Instant Warming Clay Mask for Oily Skin 

Bioré Charcoal Whipped Purifying Detox Mask, 4 Ounce, with  Natural Charcoal, Deep Pore Cleansing, Dermatologist Tested,  Non-Comedogenic, Oil Free : Beauty


Charcoal masks are renowned for their ability to vacuum impurities from deep within pores. The Bioré Charcoal Instant Warming Clay Mask warms upon contact with your skin to open pores and then gradually cools as it goes about the process of extracting toxins, oil, blackheads, and bacteria from inside those pores. 

It goes on quick and easy and makes an ideal accessory for those who travel a lot.

Giovanni Purifying Facial Mask : Giovanni Purifying Facial Mask - Dermatologist Tested D:Tox  System 4 Ounce (Pack of 1) : Freeman Facial Mask : Beauty

The Purifying Facial Mask from Giovanni is recommended for oily skin. It takes a 3-step approach to skin restoration clearing the surface of impurities, pulling out blackheads, toxins, and bacteria to restore proper moisture and pH levels. 

It uses goji berry to refresh and revitalize the skin and it's packed with antioxidants to fight oxidative stress brought on by free radicals.

Where Can You Buy Gelatin Face Masks? 

All of the above-listed products save for one can be purchased on Amazon. We urge you though to be careful when buying from the online retail giant and make sure you only purchase skincare products from the manufacturer and not someone who’s cleaning out their medicine cabinet. 

The one exception to the Amazon rule is our top choice, Silicone Fusion™ Patches for Face, which can be purchased via the official Dermaclara Beauty website.

Final Tips: Why You Should Add Gelatin Face Masks in Your Current Skincare Routine 

If you’re interested in healthy, vibrant looking skin that’s free of blemishes and silky smooth to the touch, you should consider making gelatin face masks a regular part of your skincare routine. 

Applying a gelatin face mask once every week or two will help fend off myriad potential problems including acne, pimples, oily skin, and more. It will also help minimize fine lines and wrinkles and in some cases prevent lines from developing.

"Masks are a great tool in the beauty arsenal.” - Dr. Marnie Nussbaum, Professor of Dermatology 

A gelatin face mask then is not just a skincare luxury. It’s an absolute necessity if you value your skin and always want to look your best. 

Remember though, that if homemade gelatin face masks aren’t up your alley, there are a number of high-quality alternative masks on the market that will do essentially the same thing and don’t require the same prep and cleanup time. Primary among them is our flagship product, Silicone Fusion™ by Dermaclara Beauty.

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