8 Unexpected Things That Occur During Pregnancy

When we think of pregnancy, we think of baby bumps, swollen feet, and strange cravings. But there are a lot of other unexpected things that occur during pregnancy. Here are some of the surprising pregnancy body changes that you may experience over the course of your nine-month term:

Heightened Sense of Smell

Fun fact: the increase in estrogen hormones during pregnancy can put your sense of smell on high alert. This is an evolutionary defense mechanism, so pregnant women know they're in danger or about to eat food that has gone bad.

Increased Saliva Production

Extra spit is an unexpected side effect during pregnancy. This is mainly related to morning sickness and should subside by the second trimester.

Itchy Baby Bump

When skin stretches too quickly during the rapid growth of a baby, it can become dry and itchy and cause stretch marks. It's hard for topical creams to enter the dermis (where scars and stretch marks form), but Dermaclara Patches do.

The moisture layer of your skin retains, well, moisture and protects the deeper layers of your skin from the harsh elements of the environment. It keeps the good stuff in and the bad stuff out. Collagen and elastin make up the structural part of your skin, so supplementing with extra collagen is extra important when your skin is stretching and shrinking. That’s why Dermaclara Patches are the best skin-care option for healing stretch marks during pregnancy. 

With our non-invasive, chemical-free silicone patches, you can create a microclimate for your moisture barrier that increases natural collagen production and locks in natural moisture. Our patches keep your skin healthy and toxin-free, making them safe for wear during pregnancy and breastfeeding!

“The Nesting Instinct”

“Nesting” is the overwhelming desire to get your home ready for the arrival of your baby. These instincts kick in during the third trimester, and it’s an old wives tale that when the nesting instinct kicks in, it means labor is soon!


50% of women will experience hemorrhoids during pregnancy. They typically develop during the third trimester and are caused by the extra blood flow and pressure on the veins around the anus from the baby's weight. 

Blue Vagina

Did you know your vagina can change color during pregnancy? That’s definitely an unexpected side effect for many women during their first pregnancy. As early as the first six weeks, your vagina can turn a blueish color in response to the increased blood flow. But don’t worry, it’ll return to its normal color a few weeks after birth.

Increased Sweating

Excessive perspiring is one of the most common symptoms of pregnancy. This is because of increased blood flow and heightened metabolism, resulting from the body working tirelessly to gestate life. Boob sweat gang!

Hair Growth

During pregnancy, you may start to notice a fuller, thicker head of hair. You may also, with less enthusiasm, begin to see increased leg hair, belly hair, and nipple hair. This is due to increased male hormones in the ovaries and placenta and will subside after labor. 

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