5 Pregnant Mocktails & 5 New Mom Mocktails

Being pregnant means a lot of really wonderful things, but it also means giving up some vices for the next nine months. When the stress of the day hits all at once, and you’re just dying for a drink, it’s normal to feel disappointed that a nice glass of wine is not currently in your future. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with some baby-safe mocktails that will have you convinced for a second that you’re on a sunny beach somewhere expensive. 

5 Pregnant Mocktails 

Orange Mint Mocktail


A tangy, refreshing treat for a hot summer day, this mocktail tastes just as good without the alcohol. Well, kind of. There is good news, though. Besides being a refreshing flavor boost, the added mint in this drink can also help a morning-sickness-prone tummy find some relief!

Ginger Peach Bellini Mocktails


A perfect drink for hosting a non-alcoholic wine night, this ginger peach bellini mocktail uses non-alcoholic wine, fresh chopped ginger, and a cup of freshly sliced peaches. Who could resist? And ginger is a great home remedy for pesky pregnancy nausea! 

Blueberry Maple Mojito Mocktail


Maple syrup, fresh lime juice, and organic blueberry juice...what could be better? This refreshing mocktail is perfect for baby showers, and gender reveals (if they’re having a boy). Or, they can be a great drink for cooling down on a hot summer day. 

Frozen Lavender Lemonade


If you’re looking for a drink to quench your thirst, look no further than this delectable frozen lavender lemonade mocktail. A quick mix (and even quicker if you throw it in the blender), this uses homemade lavender syrup to add a floral undertone.

Apple and Pomegranate Mocktail


And an antioxidant boost to boot! This fruit-filled mocktail is chock full of vitamins to keep you, and your baby invigorated and healthy. Enjoy this alcohol-free drink for some sweet relief during the tribulations of pregnancy.

5 New Mom Mocktails

The New Mother Mocktail


This equal blend of cranberry, apple, and orange juice is a great boost to your immune system and energy levels after the strain of birth. This non-alcoholic mocktail is a great drink at your first get-together post-baby while you’re still breastfeeding/pumping.

Peppermint Orange Soda Syrup


Get into the holiday spirit with this festive peppermint-infused mocktail. This drink only takes 4 cups of soda water, some tap water, peppermint, and orange peel zest. Easy peasy orange squeezy, and just in time for Thanksgiving and Christmas!

Moscow Mule


A classic cocktail, but make it mock. Now you can join in on the fun (but with some exclusions, but the cup will look the same!). And, ginger is great for breastfeeding since it is a natural galactagogue and improves breast milk volume. All you'll need to make this Moscow Mocktail is club soda, ginger beer/ale, and fresh lime juice.

Rainbow Coconut Water Spritzers


A coconut water mocktail is just what the doctor ordered. Coconut water is great for nursing mothers since it’s super hydrating and replenishes your natural sugars and vitamins. This mocktail is also full of tasty fruits, so grab whatever catches your eye at the store because you’ll probably need it! A super refreshing, revitalizing, and healthy mocktail that will leave your body feeling great. 

(Safe) Sex on the Beach


If you had been following the rules of this drink, you probably wouldn’t have to be reading this article! Oh well. At least you have this nice new-mommy mocktail to remind you of the good ol’ days. Made with sparkling water, cranberry juice, grapefruit juice, and peach nectar, this mocktail will replenish your juices with its juices. Sit back, relax, and pretend you’re really on the beach and not breastfeeding on your couch.

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