5 Organizations Doing Amazing Things this Breast Cancer Awareness Month


Breast Cancer Awareness Month is coming up, and this year is all about rising up together against breast cancer. Some amazing organizations have been putting in the good work for years now and are packing a punch when it comes to spreading awareness and pushing the importance of screening. 

One in eight women are likely to develop breast cancer in their lifetime, so heightened awareness and screening are pivotal to living a long and healthy life.

Below are some organizations doing amazing things to spread awareness and fundraise this Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

National Breast Cancer Foundation

Here at Dermaclara, we hold this organization very close to our hearts. The advocacy work that the National Breast Cancer Foundation does is incredibly important, and their mission to increase access to screenings is integral in the fight against breast cancer. Because of this, Dermaclara is donating 10% of all proceeds during October for National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. To pair with this, we are offering 20% off sitewide from October 1 through October 27, 2021.

The National Breast Cancer Foundation was founded in the early nineties by a survivor of the disease Janelle Hail. She made it her mission to provide education and resources to women to prevent the disease and help people living with breast cancer. They currently have an initiative called RISE, which stands for Rally In Serving, Supporting, and Screening, Everyone. 

Their mission is to boost screening and garner donations to improve their advocacy work. They have mammography programs that provide free mammograms, education and outreach programs to improve awareness, and a support system that gives those who have breast cancer the help they need. Your donation goes directly to one of these programs and enables the NBCF to do more for others. 

On October 8, they have a dollar-for-dollar donation matching campaign sponsored by Nature Nate’s Honey Co. They also have an initiative called Game Pink, allowing online gamers to fundraise for the NBCF using their streams. So, donate or support if you can. This amazing foundation is doing everything it can to support women in fighting breast cancer. 


This informational website provides all you need to learn about your diagnosis, treatment, what to expect, the day-to-day, and how to get involved. They have a huge resource of blogs and research you can go through to get ahead of breast cancer or cope with what you’re experiencing. They host virtual meetups and have a podcast you can refer to for comfort and support. 

Donating a dollar to Breastcancer.org provides three people with the care they need. You can also get involved by hosting a fundraiser and interacting with their website. They are a research and community-based organization so getting involved with their website is one of the best ways to support them and their initiatives this month. 


METAvivor is an active charity in the breast cancer awareness community for patients who are already suffering metastasization. They distribute information, provide education opportunities, as well as share clinical trials and other helpful initiatives. They are at the forefront of fundraising, taking charge with multiple campaigns to boost their efforts. 

For Breast Cancer Awareness Month they have a campaign called #LIGHTUPMBC, where they teamed up with Moore Fight Moore Strong to “shine a light” on breast cancer awareness. On October 13, there will be a virtual broadcast featuring stories from survivors. They have actively been keeping up with fundraising campaigns, and this is just another amazing initiative that METAvivor is taking on. 

Living Beyond Breast Cancer

Living Beyond Breast Cancer has been active for 30 years, fundraising, educating, and providing resources for those facing breast cancer. While they aren’t doing a specific Breast Cancer Awareness Month campaign, they have a system where you can set up a monthly recurring gift to support them and their initiatives. 

LBBC also has volunteer opportunities and events that encourage supporters to help the organization’s efforts further. If you want to donate to a nonprofit that focuses on supporting patients and sufferers, LBBC is one of the best organizations you can find. They have a peer-to-peer helpline and a collection of events and conferences to give people with breast cancer and survivors a community. 

The Rose

This breast cancer imaging center provides mobile screening for both the insured and uninsured. Breast cancer imaging is an essential service for so many women who are worried they might develop or already have breast cancer. Throughout  COVID-19, they have continued to keep up with fundraising efforts to provide affordable and helpful screenings to those in need. 

They encourage those who support them to host an event or to purchase merchandise so they can keep providing screenings to women everywhere. They make it easy to fundraise via Facebook, or in-person and all you need is to download their toolkits and get in touch with one of their organizers. 

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