5 Fun Ways to Ring in the New Year Pregnant

Celebrating your last child-free New Year can be daunting. New Year's Eve is a holiday dedicated to getting into all kinds of trouble, but now that you’re pregnant for the biggest party of the year, you’re not up for staying up all night like you used to be. Even if your New Year's Eve can’t involve drinking until dawn or running barefoot through the streets, that doesn’t mean that you can’t plan a meaningful and memorable night for yourself and the people that you love. 

Set up a Themed Dinner

Want to get the gang together but don’t have the stamina to hit the bars with them? Host a themed dinner party! This is a great way to get everyone together in a setting that lets you be seated throughout the night and gives your guests the freedom to go out to their respective parties when you’re ready to hit the hay. Encourage everyone to dress up for a theme of your choice, and enjoy bringing the party to you for the celebratory holiday.

Have a Spa Night

Not feeling up to hosting? That’s ok! Treat yourself this New Year's Eve with a night dedicated to refreshing yourself with an at-home spa night. Get all your essentials ready for a festive night in, with face masks, Dermaclara goodies, a warm bubble bath (but don’t soak too long!), and maybe grab yourself one of those head massagers. If you’re really looking to pamper yourself, book a prenatal massage to relax from head to toe.

Go on A Short Vacation

Get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and book you and your hubby one last getaway before the baby comes. Book a trip to somewhere warm where you can just veg out on the beach all day and not have a care in the world, least of all, how to spend your night. Making plans for New Year's Eve is always a headache, so just escape from it all and do something special together as a couple where you can enjoy your time together before a new member enters the family.

Have a Movie Night

If you really want to go the no-frills route, hunker down on New Year’s Eve with a movie and some popcorn. Forget that anything special is even going on that night, lift your swollen feet up on the couch, and melt away into some good cinema with your friends and family (if they’re willing to forgo the parties). Just be sure to pick a movie everybody likes to thank them for coming!

Go to a Party

Oh god, do I have to? If you’re feeling up for it, push yourself to actually go out to a New Year’s Eve party; it might be the last one you can attend for a while once the baby comes. Take advantage of your freedom, pregame with a nap, see your friends and have fun as you count down the seconds towards the New Year. Celebrating with your friends, no matter how exhausting it might be in the moment, will always be something you’ll look back on fondly. 

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