10 Tweets About Being a Working Mom

Having a baby is already an incredibly hard job. It’s one you don’t really get to take breaks from or put the rest of your responsibilities aside for, and that includes spending time at the office. If you’re a working mom who’s expecting, you know just how hard it can be to be pregnant and still have to perform your duties at your day job. 

Twitter seems to be where expecting parents of all types go to air their grievances, share funny stories, and generally discuss what it’s like to be pregnant and still working. Get some inspo or laughs from the mamas below.

1. The Perfect Getaway 


2. Autocorrect, Correct 


3. Back-to-Back Power Mom 


4. Thanks, But No Thanks 


5. Just a Little Distracted 


6. The Best Assistant 


7. Dare Devil 


8. Just a Quick Nap 


9. Things Kids Say 

10. The Little Things 

We hope you felt seen by these ten very real tweets from working moms everywhere capturing the everyday chaos and joy of being a mother and working professional.

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