10 Daily Habits for Men to Achieve Healthy and Glowing Skin

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Do you want to look like those clear skin men on TV? Have you ever wondered how to achieve healthy and supple skin worthy of envy? You are not alone, as many men constantly search for ways to improve their skin routine, prevent hyperpigmentation, treat acne outbreaks, build their skin barrier, and other beauty tip skin management.

Before men became interested in proper skincare routines, they had traditionally kept their routine pretty basic by using just soap and water. However, many men are now interested in having skin that is healthier and younger-looking. How, then, can men accomplish their desires for clear skin? What does healthy skin look like? This article has compiled the 10 best advice for men who want perfect skin with minimum effort.

Apply a mild cleanser 

You can always go right with a dermatologically-approved facial cleanser like Dermaclara's Claraprep cleanser. A facial cleanser is an important part of every skin regimen as it helps maintain clean and healthy skin. The beauty market offers several kinds of face cleansers that are designed for various uses. 

Men should incorporate a mild facial cleanser into their beauty habits. They should ensure the cleanser is designed for their skin type and eliminate the 10-in-1 body wash in their bathroom. A mild cleanser can help eliminate excess oil and grime; it can also unclog pores, reduce acne breakouts, and minimize the appearance of blackheads and other skin imperfections. We advise you to wash your face every morning and night for optimal results.

Exfoliate dead skin cells 

Is exfoliation a paramount part of your skincare routine? If not, you are missing out on many benefits that take your skincare up a notch. Exfoliating is the process of sloughing off dead skin with a mild abrasive and is a vital skin care routine for oily skin men. It helps reduce clogged pores, minimize imperfections, prevent acne, and allow your skincare products to penetrate deeply. 

Exfoliation has also been shown to be historically significant as Indians once exfoliated with dry corn cobs and husks, thus contributing to their perfect skin habit. 

You no longer need corn cobs as facial scrubs can remove dirt and dead skin properly. All you need is a facial scrub and your hands – start by wetting your face and applying your scrub. Massage your face, neck, and ears properly for 5 to 10 minutes before washing off. Try not to tug your skin or scrub with too much pressure, as it might get irritated.

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Do not use aftershave

Shaving is an important hygiene routine and an aesthetic daily routine in any man's life. However, many men cause more harm than good to themselves, and the culprit is a substance that seems harmless at first glance. An aftershave. We suggest throwing away any remaining aftershave (in case you still have any leftovers) if you adhere to healthy skin habits. Although aftershave has been around for a while, dermatologists say it harms the skin much.

Aftershaves frequently induce dryness and irritation due to their high alcohol content. This poses a danger to people with sensitive skin and can even be worse for people with dry skin. You're much better off using a post-shave soother or an aftershave balm, as both products are made to replenish moisture to freshly shaven skin. They also speed up the healing of nicks, reduce irritation, and help achieve clear skin for men.

Pat your face dry 

What should you do next after cleansing your face with a gentle cleanser? Many guys struggle to pat their faces dry or let the irritating dripping fall on their clothes. Some dermatologists have argued that air drying is a horrible skin care regimen that desiccates the outer skin layer. It can also stiffen the skin and prevent normal skin renewal, which causes peeling.

Therefore, we suggest using a clean towel to pat your face dry and add it to your mandatory daily beauty routine checklist. When applying your toner and other skincare products, ensure the skin is still damp by patting it with a towel because this can help lock in the hydration. While using a clean towel, you should always pat gently because aggressive rubbing can cause skin irritation and inflammation. The goal is to pat gently and dab without being overly vigorous because doing so can worsen dryness or hypersensitivity.

Moisturize your skin to hydrate it

If you wash your face every morning and night, it makes sense to moisturize immediately after. Everyone knows that moisturizing is necessary for having healthy, radiant skin, and despite widespread assumptions, oily skin also needs moisturizing. If you have oily or acne-prone skin, moisturize it, as it can help you with blemishes, lessen skin inflammation, and stimulate quicker cell growth.

Apply sunscreen 

You've probably heard how and why sunscreen is important to your skin's general well-being and aesthetics. Applying sunscreen is another clear skin tips men and women should try out. Without sunscreen, you are exposing your delicate skin to unnecessary sun damage. Thus, wearing sunscreen daily is essential to good skin care as it goes beyond shielding your skin from the sun. 

Ensure you wear sunscreen with 30 SPF or above for proper sun protection. While applying, ensure you squeeze out enough sunscreen to cover your entire face, neck, and other body parts that meet the light. Remember to reply every 30 to 90 minutes to ensure total protection from UV rays.

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Check your skin frequently

Regular and constant skin examination is beneficial for everyone as it can help detect dangerous diseases like melanoma and squamous cell carcinoma early. Regular skin care is the best way to find cancer before it spreads or becomes more challenging to treat. The best part is you can schedule a consultation at any time to have your skin examined. You should also contact your dermatologist immediately if anything on your skin seems off or suspicious growth is observed.

Choose quality skincare products for men 

If you desire fast results, you need quality skincare products. It is a well-known secret that the quality of your skin care regimen depends on the items you choose. Thus, men should choose effective, safe, and good products to protect their skin from the damaging effects of the sun, pollution, and other issues. 

These products have beneficial effects on your health while also enhancing the texture and appearance of your skin. Good products can also replenish, moisturize, and revitalize the skin. For example, products formulated with natural components and deep-acting hyaluronic acid, like Dermaclara's Clarasome hyaluronic acid moisturizer are some of the men best products for clear skin men. It reduces the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles and makes your skin appear more youthful and supple.

Drink lots of water 

Many men overlook the importance of drinking water or its benefit for their skin and general health. Your skin is the largest organ that protects, regulates your body's temperature, and prevents fluid loss. Drinking water will help your body eliminate pollutants, particularly dangerous ones that could affect your general health and skin. So, constant water intake is the best skin care for fair skin and the easiest way to achieve radiant, glowing skin.

Reserve a male skincare service

Typically, guys are reluctant to make appointments for skincare services. They believe the procedure is overly feminine and that only women should be encouraged to display flawless skin. This is untrue, though, as many guys' skincare treatments are now available to aid with skin issues that only guys experience. They assist in addressing problems that males frequently experience, including sensitivity, ingrown hairs, and razor burns. Some assist in achieving glowing skin for men, addressing certain problems, including damage from the sun or men's generally older skin.

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