What results can I expect to see with the Dermaclara system?

Our clarafuse dermapads are clinically proven to significantly reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles within the first hour of use. But great skincare is more than a single noninvasive product – it needs a regimen of complementary products and a best practice routine. That’s why we developed the Dermaclara skincare line. Depending on your age, condition of your skin and general nutrition, most users see a visible, sustainable change using clarafuse within 30 days of use. We recommend wearing clarafuse dermapads for at least an hour each day. Once you’ve gotten your desired results, reduce usage to 2-3 sessions per week for maintenance care. If you stop wearing clarafuse dermapads too soon, results may diminish. Continual use will help maintain your results. We recommend you replace clarafuse dermapads every 30 days (this may differ depending on skin type, condition, and frequency of use).