Clarafuse Silicone Fusion Stretch Mark Treatment

clarafuse silicone fusion stretch mark treatmentSilicone Fusion™ Stretch Mark Treatment from Dermaclara is the newest at-home stretch mark treatment giving both men and women a noticeable reduction in stretch marks on the body. Stretch marks can appear almost anywhere: arms, legs, chest, stomach, hips, and even buttocks. Often quite noticeable and embarrassing, stretch marks can limit a person's confidence and their choice of clothing.

Now, with the introduction of Silicone Fusion™ Stretch Mark Treatment, stretch mark sufferers have a new alternative to stretch mark treatments that include pricey laser treatments and ineffective lotions and creams. Combining exfoliation and hydration with occlusion (the microclimate created when the medical grade silicone in Silicone Fusion™ is placed on the body) creates a trifecta of treatment. Clinically proven, the medical grade Silicone Fusion™ works quickly by triggered the skin's self-healing mechanism, and at the same time, rehydrating the skin and normalizing collagen production. 

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