Winter Hair: Fighting Freezing Temperature Frizz

Nov 15, 2016

fighting winter hair

Hair, like skin, needs hydration. Is your hair feeling a little drier than you're used to? If you're feeling a bit frizzy these days, not in your head; it's on your head. Winter has an amazing way of taking every ounce of moisture you have in your body, from follicles to feet, and turning it into a desert landscape. Winter air is dry without any help from other elements, but when you mix in heaters and blow driers, you're destined for a world without moisture.

Here are some ways that we fight the freezing temperature frizz--hopefully, they'll help keep your locks lovely year round!

Condition Deeply

Deep conditioning is a good idea every now and then all year long, but it's particularly important in the winter when your strands need a little extra special dose of love. Pencil in a once-a-month pampering for your hair if it's just a bit drier than usual. You can increase the frequency as you notice your tresses getting thirsty.

Incorporate the Islands

You may not be able to slip away to the Bahamas when winter strikes, but you can still bring a taste of the islands into your home. Coconut oil is an amazing moisturizer, and it can be purchased in the form of a deep moisturizing hair mask. Sleep in this substance overnight to seal in moisture -- just be sure to shampoo and scrub well in the morning to remove any greasy residue.

Disregard Hot Showers

A hot shower on a cold day may be your favorite thing, but your hair will likely disagree. This is an easy way to strip essential natural oils from your hair. Instead, reach for dry shampoo when you need a gentle cleanser that will absorb oil and keep your locks looking their best.


Blow driers, flat irons, and anything with a plug that goes into the wall can wreak havoc on your hair. Go au naturel to help your strands stay healthy in the chilly months.



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