Why You Should Wear Sunscreen Daily

Jun 02, 2017

why you should wear sunscreen daily

It's easy to forget about sunscreen. After washing, toning, serum-ing, and moisturizing, the last step often becomes the forgotten step. But here's why you should wear sunscreen everyday (no matter how cloudy).

1. It will protect your skin from premature aging. This is obvious. When UV-A and UV-B rays hit your skin, they start breaking down collagen and elastin - proteins that keep your skin plump and firm. Without sunscreen, your skin will sag, thin, and wrinkle quickly. Not only that, these ultraviolet rays cause pigment cells to multiple rapidly, causing hyperpigmentation and sun spots. Not pretty!

2. Sunscreen helps prevent dehydrated skin. Most sunscreens also offer hydration, and wearing sunscreen allow keeps the skin from drying out due to the damaging rays of the sun.

3. Sunscreen helps with anti-aging. Most modern sunscreens now have anti-aging ingredients along with the sun-blocking ones. It's a one-two punch: preventing premature aging, and assisting in anti-aging.

4. Even if it's cloudy outside, UV rays can still penetrate the clouds. Thinking that you only need sunscreen on a sunny day is a common misperception. You need to wear sunscreen every single day you leave the house. 

Wearing sunscreen daily will keep your skin soft, youthful, and glowing, so remember that last, most vital step in your skincare routine. Most dermatologists recommend using SPF 30 or higher, and to reapply after being in the water for 60 minutes.



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