Top Beauty Myths (And the Truth Behind Them)

Aug 23, 2016

beauty myths


Everyone enjoys sharing and learning new beauty tips, but it's easy for myths to get thrown into the mix. Learn to spot these common beauty myths so you can stay informed.

Drink Eight Glasses of Water Daily for Perfect Skin

While drinking enough water is essential to skin hydration, health experts explain that there is no magic number of water bottles you need to fill each day to stay healthy. The body's natural thirst mechanism is usually sufficient for staying hydrated, so as long as you drink when you feel thirsty, your skin should receive the hydration it needs.

Shaving Makes Hair Thicker

A variation of this myth is that shaving makes hair darker or increases its rate of growth. In reality, while shaved hairs tend to feel more stubbly, they are not actually any denser. Regular shaving won't increase hair thickness or growth, so there's no need to trade in your razors for wax strips unless it's a matter of convenience.

Occasional Heat Use Won't Damage Hair

Even if you only use curling wands and straightening irons once in a while, you should always coat your hair with a heat protectant first. High temperatures can damage the hair after one use, but spray-on heat protectants create a shield over the hair follicle that prevents damage. Experts also recommend using heat tools on the lowest effective setting to minimize damage.

Shampoo Gets Less Effective Over Time

There is a surprisingly pervasive beauty myth that your hair can "get used to" a certain type of shampoo or conditioner. In most cases, dull or lifeless hair is simply suffering from product build-up. A good clarifying shampoo can help strip hair of unwanted residue, but you can keep using your favorite hair care products without worrying that they will stop working.

These stubborn beauty myths are particularly compelling because they are all based on a grain of truth. From the importance of staying hydrated to the dulling effects of product build-up, it is easy to see how these beauty myths came to be. Fortunately, it is just as easy to combat them and eliminate the misinformation from your beauty knowledge.

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