Top 10 Surprising Mom Confessions


Even though pregnancy is fulfilling and brings life into the world, sometimes it just sucks to have your body feeling weird at all times of the day (and night). How do we do it for nine months straight? Well, even though there are a strict set of rules you are told to follow to achieve the healthiest pregnancy, nine months is a long time to be on your best behavior. Some moms were even kind enough to share their pregnancy and new mom confessions…anonymously, of course!

"I drank coffee, ate cold cut sandwiches, put feta on my salads and even sneaked Diet Cokes. My rule of thumb was moderation."

We’ve all heard that you shouldn’t drink coffee while pregnant, but some people are way too hard on the people who do. You’re supposed to limit your intake to 200 milliliters per day, which is a little less than one cup. So, a latte once a week (espresso having less caffeine than a cup of coffee) is a totally fine treat for those extra sleepy days. 

“I ate bleu cheese and didn't check to see if it was pasteurized. What's buffalo chicken pizza without a little bleu cheese, I ask!”

Fun fact: if you cook blue cheese in a pizza oven, it is exposed to more heat than pasteurization…aka, it will be entirely safe to consume! Pasteurization brings it to 180 degrees for 5 - 10 minutes, while most pizzas cook at twice that temp for twice as long.

“My husband has been taking care of our finances to help us save up for the baby. He’s been cutting coupons for the supermarket and getting hand-me-downs for clothes. He would kill me if he found out I bought a $179 pair of designer maternity jeans!”

Technically, you’re doing all of the heavy lifting on this one, so I’m sure he’d understand if you just wanted something to help you feel confident again while your body changes drastically. And if he doesn’t buy it, turn on the waterworks and blame the pregnancy brain!

“I’ve cried in the shower multiple times since my son was born.”

This momma said, “Being a mom is hard, and I mean really hard. It's non-stop 24/7 (especially when your baby hates naps and doesn't like to sleep tons at night either), so to be fair the shower seems like the only alone time I get. It doesn't always go uninterrupted by baby, but I have a better shot at some quiet time in there than anywhere else.”

“I got botox and have been feeling guilty about putting toxins in my body while I’m still pregnant!”

If you’re on an anti-aging routine, going cold turkey for nine months can be stressful as you notice fine lines and sagging skin. However, if you want a completely pregnancy-safe anti-aging routine, try out Dermaclara’s clinically proven, non-invasive treatment options, all for 20% off! Through chemical-free silicone fusion patches, this program targets stretch marks and loose skin by creating a microclimate between the silicone and the skin to stimulate collagen production, reduce the appearance of stretch marks, and firm up loose skin. No more guilt-ridden botox trips!

“I have breastfed and drank wine simultaneously.”

This mom shared that while enjoying a glass of wine at a wedding, her baby needed to be nursed. Realizing there’s not much harm in having a glass while breastfeeding (since the alcohol won’t be in mommas bloodstream yet and therefore able to affect the baby), she decided to double hand it–wine in one hand, baby in the other!

“I am currently losing my hair + I already have grey hair.”

This momma wrote, “When I got pregnant I started getting grey hair, and a decent amount of it. I'm only 28 years old so I'm not ready to embrace that part of aging yet. And recently (about 3 months postpartum) I started losing my hair. I really didn't think it'd happen to me, I have extremely thick hair and couldn't fathom losing lots of it. My hair is coming out at a rapid rate. Not the normal ‘I'm shedding’ type of hair loss but much faster.”

“Mom guilt is real.”

Katie R. writes, “Sometimes I feel guilty because I find myself wishing so fervently for my baby to take a nap so I can get my mile-long to-do list tackled. Then after all of the nursing and rocking and shushing and bouncing, I finally have him sound asleep in his bassinet, and then I miss him and have to fight the urge to wake him up. Go figure!"

“We all suffer from Mommy Brain.”

Jen S. writes, “Yes, 'mommy brain' is absolutely a real thing. The other day I put my half & half carton under the coffee machine and my cup of coffee in the fridge. Either I'm certifiably crazy or I have a good case of mommy brain!”

“I’m addicted to buying baby clothes!”

Jessica N. has gotten the shopping bug, but not for herself! She confesses that “Baby clothes are addictive. I don’t buy clothes for myself these days, but I can’t resist buying them for my little one! It’s way more fun, you get more for your money, and I’d much rather use up the clothing budget for him than for me!”

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