Top 10 Genius Pregnant Halloween Costumes

So, you’re eight months pregnant, and Halloween is right around the corner; what do you do? You incorporate that baby bump, of course! Having a pregnant belly can really take your Halloween costume to the next level if you’re willing to have fun with it. Sure, you can go as something basic, like a pregnant tv show character or pregnant Mario. Or, you can get really creative and bring your baby bump to its full Halloween potential. Having trouble thinking of a truly epic pregnancy costume? Here are some genius pregnant Halloween costumes to inspire you in the process!

Did somebody say avocado? A super creative way to shine the light on your bump and add to your costume, cut out an avocado shape and use your bump as the pit! This costume would be super easy to make and requires little preplanning or the hassle of ordering a bunch of different pieces. Just a trip to the art store, some black leggings, and, of course, your belly!



Another food-themed costume, but can you blame us? This mom-to-be dressed her belly up nice and snug with some new friends, and they already seem to be peas in a pod! This costume may take more work, but the payoff is definitely worth it. I mean, come on, how could that not win every costume contest?

If it’s a boy, will you name it Joey? For the sake of the costume, just tell people you will. This cute kangaroo costume lets you rock two babies at once, one in the oven and one in the pouch!

Construction Zone: proceed with caution. This fun take on Halloween combines baby bumps and speed humps and is super easy to assemble. Just get a cheap construction worker outfit and some cardboard and markers, and you’ve got a clever pregnancy costume!

This costume is not for the artistically inept! A handpainted Mike Wazowski and the clever use of hands makes this a genius pregnancy costume, using your bump to fill out his face and your hands for fun visual gags. Just make sure you paint your hands last, or you’ll have a real mess!

I came in like a wreckingggg ballll. This pregnancy Halloween costume is a smart play on Miley Cyrus’ infamous Wrecking Ball music video, but instead of a wrecking ball, this mom-to-be has her Miley doll swinging on her bump. So cute!

With all of the “bun in the oven” talk, why not make it into a costume? This clever lady decided to play off the phrase and have her bun be in an actual oven! This is surprisingly easy to make, too. Just tape some tinfoil to a box, cut some holes, and add a little flair. So fun!

Oh yeah!!! Busting through birthing canals or breaking through walls–Either way, that baby is making an entrance. This cute costume dresses your bump up as the Kool-Aid Man making his signature move: property destruction, kicking down walls. All you need for this is a blue or red shirt, some fabric marker, and a poster board!



A great way to incorporate your bump into a costume with your kids is to be the snitch to their Harry Potter! A perfect way to use your rounded out belly, be creative, but still, let your child be the star of the show as Harry. The snitch ball is a magical maternity costume.


A family costume to win them all, this woman went as Violet Beauregarde post-gum incident. With Wonka and an Oompa Loompa, her belly is the perfect blueberry-shaped accessory to pull off this themed family costume and a perfect way to celebrate a candy-sharing holiday as well!

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