10 Funniest Gender Reveal Photos

While cutting the cake to see the hidden food coloring has been a traditional gender reveal, sometimes the bakers don’t get it quite right. This dad was obviously disappointed that the cake they commissioned to reveal the gender of the baby well… had other ideas. Instead of showing pink or blue, the cake showed both, leaving the excited parents without an answer. Hopefully, they got their money back!

The fun thing about gender reveals is making them unique to you and your partner. This monster truck driver decided to reveal the sex of his wife’s baby to her with a gust of colored exhaust during one of his Monster Rally shows while she was in the audience with friends and family!

Play nice! This couple decided to put on a show for onlooking friends and family by having a staged WWE match dressed in pink and blue to reveal which gender would win and the sex of their baby. It was a tough match with a lot of back and forth, but eventually, pink won! No parents were harmed in the making of this video. 

Potterheads rejoice! A Harry Potter-themed gender reveal utilizes the magic of the sorting hat to see which sex this couple’s baby will be sorted under. Will it be House of Boy or House of Girl? 

If you want to get everybody involved, a silly string reveal is a perfect way to do so! To learn the sex of their baby, this couple enlisted the help of their friends, who were all given preloaded silly string canisters, and told to let fire on the count of 3. Then, the couple was doused in a shower of pink string, revealing they were having a girl! Fun for everybody involved, but make sure you clean up all of the string after!

Is the force with you? It sure is with this couple! These Star Wars fans gathered their loved ones for a gender reveal with the help of a pre-colored lightsaber, which would light up in the color of their baby’s sex. It turns out they’re having a girl!

Up, up, and away! This balloon was supposed to pop and reveal colored confetti but accidentally untethered instead! The helpless family had to watch as the gender of their baby–and the reason for the party–floated away into the afternoon sky. 

This one might not be everybody’s cup of tea, but it certainly is someone’s slice of lasagna! A New Jersey pizza chain was tasked with incorporating a gender reveal into a lasagna, and they did not disappoint. However, this probably won’t become a trend for future gender reveal parties.

This is a reveal that even Dad will want to get in on. A football is balanced on a pressurized sensor. When Dad kicks the ball, it sets off a smoke bomb with blue or pink smoke to indicate a boy or girl. Fun to partake in and fun to watch!

Last but not least: nothing screams “baby boy!” like a giant baby boy busting out of a box and running around. This one starts to cross over from cute territory to creepy, but no harm, no foul. The idea came from the husband saying he would only partake in a gender reveal party if it could involve his brother jumping out of a box in a diaper. The wife took it one step further, renting a baby costume and having the brother wear that instead.

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