Red, White & Blue - Show your Patriotism with Style!

Red, White & Blue - Show your Patriotism with Style!

Fourth of July will be here before you know it. It means hot dogs, fireworks, Americana, and STYLE! The Fourth is a great time to show your love of country and your love of fashion through patriotic style. Luckily, tons of designers and shops carry the Red, White & Blue styles for men, women, kids, and even pets!

Here are some ideas to show you're a real American. (Note: Don't be afraid to sport these fashions year-round, not just on the Fourth!)

For the ladies:

For a little bit of patriotism, why not throw on a scarf emblazoned with Old Glory? This subtle way of showing your love of country can go with almost anything: t-shirt and shorts, maxi dress, even a blazer and pants.

For racy nationalism, a flag bikini is your automatic go-to. No matter where the stars and stripes are strategically placed, you'll get admiring glances for both patriotism and sex appeal.

For the kids:

Forget boring flag tee shirts. Try red, white, and blue separates that can be worn year-round, and mixed and matched with other colors. Red leggings with a blue tank looks darling on girls, while striped shorts and solid tees look great on little lads. This allows you to celebrate with the kids, and be budget conscious at the same time.

For pets:

Pets can be patriotic, too! Strap on a pair of red, white, and blue goggles, and Fido will be ready to show his love for America. (NOTE: Do NOT take your dog to a fireworks show. The loud popping noises scare them, and more animals get lost on Fourth of July than any other day of the year.)

For the dudes:

Most men aren't inclined to wear a large flag or an obvious red, white, and blue outfit. For the understated dude, have him pull on a distressed flag baseball cap on, and call it a day. 

How do you show how much you love our country? Tell us in the comments!

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