Protected by Perfection: Tips for Flawless Skin

Jun 20, 2016

flawless skin

Your skin has a tough job. It's exposed to the elements, stricken by your stresses, and responsible for your well-being, whether you're feeling well or not. Your skin is amazing, and it only makes sense that you do everything you can to keep your outer layer looking flawless. Your beauty regimen should include more than just mascara and foundation; it should encompass a head-to-toe experience that nourishes your skin and keeps your body happy.

Here are a few simple skincare tips that can help guide you to flawless skin:

Know Your Skin Type 

You can't cater to your own unique needs until you understand what your skin needs from you. Knowing what type of skin you have, particularly on your face, can save you from heartbreaking failed efforts along your way to flawlessness. Dry skin needs extra love and attention. Oily skin will be happy when you find a way to balance it.

Be Gentle

There are certain things in your life that need a good scrubbing from time to time. Pots and pans, for example, often require the assistance of an abrasive action if they're super dirty. Your skin, on the other hand, responds most positively when you apply a gentle touch. Avoid harsh chemicals, and opt for natural, plant-based products in your lotions and cleanser.

Get Your Beauty Rest

A healthy REM cycle resets your body, mind, and mood. Dark circles under your eyes are far less likely to appear when you've had a good night's slumber, and your skin has a chance to relax from the stresses and elements of the outside world while you're in your bed.

Stay Hydrated

Water is a body's best friend. It does amazing things for your internal organs, but it's also largely responsible for that dewy, glowy look you see on celebrities' faces when they walk the red carpet. Among other things, water helps keep your blood flowing properly and helps to ensure that your collagen isn't being overworked by taking in too many dehydrating elements such as caffeine and alcohol.

Don't Smoke

And if you do smoke, stop! There are plenty of reasons to put down cigarettes, including the elastin-losing effects they have on your skin.

Have you achieved picture-perfect, flawless skin? We'd love to hear your secrets!

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