Me-Time Tips for Busy Moms

Aug 15, 2017

me time tips for moms

No one knows busy like a mom. As you know, the term "working mom" is an oxymoron - all moms work, whether it's in or outside the home or both (which is usually the case). But with the endless task list that includes chores, taking care of children, taking care of your significant other, and taking care of your boss, where do you find yourself?

Though you may feel you have to put everyone and everything before your own needs, that mindset is the fastest path to burnout, poor health, and poor relationships. Here are some tips to give you some much-needed me time. After all, if you can't take care of yourself, you can't take care of anyone else.

1. Get your hubby to help. Even though these days, both men and women work outside the home, women are still doing the bulk of the housework. There's no reason for that. Get a list going, split the chores 50/50, and voila! You've got less work.

2. Hire help. Even if it's a housekeeper once every couple of weeks, not having to do as much laundry, Swiffering, and vacuuming will feel like a load has been lifted off your shoulders.

3. Enlist the kids. Depending on their ages, give your children age-appropriate tasks. Even a five-year-old can put utensils away. Older kids can fold and put away their own laundry. Whatever a kid can do, have him or her do it! Saving you five or ten minutes here and there due to kids doing things they're more than capable of doing will add up!

4. Make a weekly date. With yourself. Pick an afternoon or evening when you can get away. Have your hubby watch the kids, or hire a babysitter. The most important thing is to do something you enjoy. Go to a museum. Go shopping solo. Meet some girlfriends for dinner and drinks. Pretend you're single, with no kids and no responsibilities!

5. Take a long bath every week. Close the door, light a candle, and play some music. Instruct your family not to interrupt. Or better yet, have your sig other take them out so you can have the entire house to yourself. Apply a face mask and have a glass of champagne. :)

Tell us, what are some me-time tips you can share?

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