Make School Lunch Fun!

school lunch upgrades

Kids tired of the same old school lunch? Forget the same old, tired peanut butter & jelly sandwich, and apple combo, and upgrade with these tips. Your kids will thank you!

1. Instead of using bread, use lettuce to wrap meats and cheeses. Most kids love the crunch and coolness of lettuce.

2. Cut up a sandwich, and put it in a push pop container. Kids will love having to push their sandwich to the top to take a bite!

3. Cut sandwiches into creative shapes (like apples, fish, animals) and accent with vegetables like cherry tomatoes for eyes and carrot sticks for mouths.

4. Create a fun bento box feel for your child's lunch box by using various size square containers within the lunch box. 

5. Make it colorful! Have multiple colors featured in your kid's lunch box for an eye-opening lunch.

6. Put food on a stick. Kabobs, raw veggies, and cheese will seem doubly appealing when presented on a stick.

7. Instead of using bread, put peanut butter and jelly in between rice cakes for a satisfying crunchy sandwich.

8. Beans and rice are always a favorite. Serve it cold, add cucumbers and tomatoes, and you have a wonderful bean and rice salad, both filling and tasty!

Tell us: What are some of your favorite kid-friendly lunchbox recipes?

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