Last-Minute Father's Day Gifts

Jun 14, 2017

last minute father's day gift ideas

Father's Day is coming up on Sunday and you still haven't gotten dear old Dad or your hubby a gift. Don't panic: We have the solution to your gifting procrastination. Last-minute gift ideas! Here's what you should do and/or buy to make sure that Father's Day isn't a complete disaster.

1. Beer - You can't go wrong with beer, not on Father's Day or any other day, really. What's dad's favorite beer? Go get him a 12-pack. Or, if you want to be creative, get a sampler pack of craft beer. He may find a new favorite.

2. Dinner - All men need to eat. So forget about fancy champagne brunches with tiny portions, and make a reservation at his favorite steak house or sports bar. AND go with him. That's the important part. He'll appreciate it. 

3. A jersey of his favorite team. Hit the mall and go to a sporting goods store. Pick a jersey from his favorite team and buy it. He'll not-so-secretly revel in wearing it every chance he gets.

4. An IOU coupon packet of things he needs to get done around the house. Let him know you'll help him with painting, gardening, and fixing his old motorcycle. (Just not all on the same day.)

There you go! Feel relieved? You should! Now, enjoy Father's Day and be thankful you have a wonderful dad who supports you in all you do.



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