How to Travel with Kids

Jun 30, 2017

how to travel with kids

Summertime calls for travel. When you were young and childless, all you had to do was grab a passport and duffle bag, and head to the airport. But now that you ahve kids, spontaneous travel is a distant memory. Not to worry: Travel with kids CAN be fun. It just requires a little more planning.

Tip # 1: Pick kid-friendly spots - This means you should forgo zip lining in the Amazon or climbing Machu Picchu. Little bodies can't handle what we can. Instead, hit up national parks or kid-friendly resorts where kids can enjoy a sense of wonder at nature's gifts, or simply relax and splash around safe pools and lazy rivers. Beach towns vacays are great for kids, too. 

Tip #2: Take only the most vital gear (the rest you can rent or borrow) - There's no need to bring three strollers, five bouncers, or three bikes on your family vacation. You're vacationing, after all, not moving. Before picking a vacation spot, do a little research and you'll likely find rentals for a lot of your kid gear. Plenty of spots have bike rentals, and if you need a stroller, you can find that, too. Plus, if you stay at a resort, you'll be surprised at what you can borrow.

Tip #3: Utilize hotel or resort babysitting for date night - If you do decide to stay at a resort, many of them have babysitting services. Take a break from the kids and enjoy a date night with just you and your honey. 

Tip #4: Electronics can be your best friend. Normally, excessive electronic use by children is a no-no, but on long flights or drives, they can be a godsend in keeping kids quiet, and keeping them from fighting with each other.

Tip #5: Go to the grocery store. Eating out for two weeks can get expensive. That's why a trip or two to the grocery store to pick up snacks, sandwich ingredients, and drinks can help save money while on vacation.

 What tips do you have for traveling with kids? Let us know in the comments!



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