How to Reduce Wrinkles Naturally

how to reduce wrinkles naturally

As much as you may want to just wish the idea of them away forever, wrinkles do have a habit of showing up as the decades pass us by. Exposure to certain elements, such as the sun and cigarette smoke, can speed up the wrinkle process, but even people who avoid the harmful effects of UV damage and nicotine habits can begin to incur the signs of aging over time.

Why? Well, because there are plenty of reasons pesky wrinkles appear. Some wrinkles appear as a result of genetic disposition and scientifically-backed reasons. Others can simply appear as a sign of continued stress over time. Although they're not usually a welcome sight when people look in the mirror, wrinkles don't have to come with a welcome wagon. In fact, there are a few things you can do to reduce wrinkles naturally and help your skin embrace its youthful exuberance.

Relaxation & Meditation

It doesn't matter what you do for a living -- you may be a top executive at your firm or your household's CEO of Domestic Operations -- you still endure tons of stress throughout the day. Stress can cause a significant strain on your facial muscles and tissues, which ultimately leads to wrinkles. Besides the frown or scowl your face may hold when you're under pressure, your body's internal reaction to stress will also induce the signs of aging.

When you're stressed, the body produces a chemical called cortisol. This chemical is literally known as the human stress hormone. When it's released into the body, it weakens your body's ability to produce collagen, which is the protein tasked with keeping your skin taut and firm. Because you need collagen (and its elastin counterpart) to combat wrinkles, it only makes sense to keep stress at bay.

how do you reduce wrinkles naturally

Consider adding the following elements to your regular lifestyle:

Meditation. Meditation is far from easy if you're a person under a lot of pressure, but when you embrace the technique, the benefits can be substantial. Meditation calms the mind, which, in turn, keeps the body in check. A calmer body produces less cortisol, allowing your collagen to optimally work its way into your facial and chest tissue. A calm mind will also help you sleep better and stay more alert during the day.

Exercise. Exercise, in nearly any form, will get your blood pumping and help your body produce endorphins. Your body reacts to the release of these chemicals by calming down and enhancing your mood and ability to focus.

Yoga. A combination of meditation and exercise, yoga has long been a highly-sought-after stress reliever through the ages. It helps to build endurance of the mind and body, allowing you to focus on being present while letting other stressors sit until you're ready to conquer them.

A Great Skincare Regimen

A regular cleansing routine is just the beginning. You want to be sure to use anti-aging products that are both hydrating and helpful to your delicate skin tissue. Exfoliation helps skin's natural cell turnover process, while great moisturizers restore hydration. Consider pairing Dermaclara's exfoliator with claraprep for skin-smoothing results, and nourish your face and chest with clarasome at night to boost your moisture barrier.

Positive Health Habits

Use sunscreen as an essential part of your daily routine.

Eat produce rich in antioxidants to help your skin battle free radicals.

Steer clear of cigarettes. The chemicals are just as bad for your skin as they are for your internal organs.


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