How to "Fall Up" Your Home

Oct 20, 2017

how to fall up your home

Do you suddenly have a craving to create an impeccable autumn space out of your place? From cozy accents to fall-scented candles, we've found a few ways to help you "fall up" your home!

1. Set the Scene with Scented Candles

When the aromatic fragrances of pumpkin pie spices and apple cider waft through the air, this time of year becomes undeniably autumn. Set a different scent in each room so each space creates its own place in fall, or allow your entire home to be embodied by your favorite smell.

2. Settle in for Some Soup

Creamy potato soup and hearty chili have all the fixings for fun fall flavors that really resonate with this hot-to-cold seasonal change. Get creative in the kitchen, and explore flavors you've never thought to combine before, or simply stick with the classics. Before you set out some soup spoons, look for some French onion crocks that will complete your table scape when dinner's ready.

3. Put Neutral in Its Place

Fall is known for its neutral tones, but browns and tans don't have to be drab or boring. It's all about finding a way to spice up subdued tones by adding more intense accents. Outrageous oranges, vibrant reds, and deep purples can put the perfect finishing touches on wicker accessories and straw-inspired centerpieces.

4. Fall into Foliage

You can't really go wrong if you decorate with fall's famous brightly colored leaves. Try upping the ante on your end tables' appeal by creating floral arrangements that incorporate a few pine cones or get to wrapping and make a wreath that speaks to your style while paying homage to this crispy weather. Pumpkins, sticks, straw, and hay all have their own way of making simple leaves turn into masterful DIY craft projects. Before you buy online, head on a walk down your favorite trail and gather leaves that will serve as the perfect foundation for your creations.

Are your willing to let us in on a few of your favorite fall secrets? We're all ears (and eyes)! Share your favorite "fall up" tips in the comments below!

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