How to Boost Your Skin's Collagen Production

boost skin's collagen production

Collagen is a structural protein in the body that's largely responsible for the youthful, taut skin we have through our twenties. This protein provides elasticity to the skin, allowing it to bounce back and stay firm without sagging or wrinkling. As we age, however, our bodies' collagen production slows. This means the skin gradually becomes less elastic, giving way to lines and wrinkles.

Preventing the Slowing of Collagen Production

The earlier you begin to show your skin love, the longer your natural collagen production will stick around. Prevention is a pretty face's best friend, and simple steps you take in your teens, twenties, and thirties can make a huge difference in later years.

Use Sunscreen. It's no secret that skin can do immense damage to a person's skin. Over time, exposure to UV light can almost assuredly cause your skin to show signs of age far earlier than it would if it were protected with quality sunscreen. Sunscreen should not be reserved solely for sunny days by the pool; it should be applied each day, as even overcast days can shower your skin with harmful ultraviolet lights. To that end, always wear sunglasses when you're outside to protect the super fragile skin underneath your eyes.

Don't Smoke. Besides the obvious health effects, smoke can do substantial damage to your skin.

Sleep Well. A well-rested body is anted up for plenty of hazards life will throw at it, including, of course, the aging process. Get into a routine, and make it a habit to get a good night's sleep no matter what. Your collagen factory will thank you!

boosting skin's collagen production

Culinary Delights for Collagen Creation

Because collagen production is a natural process within your body, it only makes sense that certain edibles can do double-duty, acting as delicious snacks and age-fighting foods.

Here are some kitchen-worthy ways to boost collagen production:

Bone Broth. You'll find plenty of products that indicate they contain collagen on the label. That may or may not be true, and even those items, which actually do contain collagen, might have such a small amount that you'll never know the difference. Bone broth, on the other hand, is actually just cooked collagen, and the potency in which it's delivered in this dish sends the desired wrinkle-fighting protein directly to your body's cells.

It's worth noting that unkempt digestive tracts are a sure path to inflammation and aging skin. The gelatin in bone broth soothes and heals the body's digestive system, making way for happier, healthier skin.

Dark Leafy Greens. Veggies have immense benefits to our bodies, and spinach, kale, and swiss chard lead the pack in terms of boosted collagen production. These dark leafy greens contain an abundance of vitamins A and C, both of which have been shown to facilitate the production of the elasticity element that keeps skin firm and taut.
As an added bonus, these vegetables are also known to help combat certain cancers.

Blueberries. These tiny berries are packed with age-defying punches. They contain phytonutrients that help bond collagen fibers together, thus enabling a more successful production of the protein.

Garlic. Sulfur compounds have been shown to aid in collagen production in the skin and joints. Garlic contains ample amounts of this element, making it an excellent addition to your daily diet.

Products that Boost Collagen Production

Hydration is one of your best lines of defense against aging. With a proper diet and daily habits in place, the last step is to ensure you're applying a quality moisturizer that is developed specifically to act as a natural moisture barrier for your skin. Clarasome is a deeply hydrating gel moisturizer, which was created to help combat the signs of premature aging. Its unique complex replenishes, rejuvenates, and revitalizes skin, all while supporting the body's natural ability to produce collagen.

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