How Do Silicone Decollete Pads Work for Chest Wrinkle Reduction?

chest wrinkle reduction

Decollete wrinkles, or wrinkles on your chest, can be caused by any number of reasons. Just like your face, the skin on your chest is incredibly delicate. Elemental factors combined with normal aging processes can cause this fragile skin to wrinkle and sag. While many people focus on their faces when they're trying to battle the signs of aging, the neck and chest areas are often culprits that tell the tales of decades-gone-by.

The Basics of Chest Wrinkles

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Decollete wrinkles occur naturally as we get older. Sun damage, environmental toxins, and gravity each play their roles in the appearance of these wrinkles. Over time, the skin becomes dehydrated, and when there isn't enough moisture to keep the skin taut and firm, it begins to sag and fold into itself, thus creating lines and wrinkles.

Unlike facial wrinkles, which have typically settled in for a long stay by the time you've discovered them, decollette wrinkles often begin as chest wrinkles that you notice when you first wake up, but eventually, they fade as the day goes on. Over time, however, these indentations can make a permanent home in your skin, creating lasting wrinkles that are just as unwelcome as laugh lines around your eyes.

How Can You Reduce Chest Wrinkles?

There are many options on the market, but many are invasive and could lead to scars or even pain. Many women seek surgeries, laser treatments, micro-needling, and microdermabrasion to alleviate their chest wrinkles; unfortunately, these options are often quite costly, and, besides the pain they can inflict, they're often ineffective.

There are less invasive treatments on the market, which have been shown to be just as effective, if not more so, than their invasive and expensive counterparts.

This is where silicone decollete pads enter the picture.

How Do Silicone Fusion™ Decollette Pads for Chest Wrinkles Work?

People are just now beginning to discover the benefits decollete patches for chest wrinkle problems can provide. Silicone decollete patches, made of medical grade silicone, often come in a shape that's optimal to your chest's needs. They're placed underneath the collarbone, and they end just above the cleavage.

These Silicone Fusion™ pads contain several layers, each of which facilitates the hydration and firming of this delicate tissue. They create a micro-climate, which is perfectly tempered to allow the skin to breathe in a self-regulated, normalized, and healing environment. The construction of these chest pads allows for silicone and oxygen atoms to cross-link with hydrogen and carbon atoms. The outcome is a silicone polymer that allows oxygen to pass through its breathable surface while locking in moisture.

The process takes place over the course of a few hours, which is why these silicone pads are often best worn during sleeping hours.

How Are Chest Silicone Pads Applied?

It's always best to apply decollete pads after a normal cleansing regimen. Cleanse the skin thoroughly, using a gentle cream cleanser that is formulated with hydrating elements. Next, gently exfoliate the skin using a silicone exfoliator, which will gently remove dead skin cells and excess dirt without irritating or harming the delicate skin. Once the skin is dry, place the silicone pad sticky side down against the skin, beginning with the larger part at the collar bone, and gently pressing down until the cleavage area is reached.

The silicone material is comfortable, and won't likely even be noticed during sleep. In the morning, it can simply be peeled off to reveal a smooth, fresh, hydrated, and nourished chest area. Temporary and harmless redness can occur.

Decollete pads can do amazing things for your skin. If you're trying to turn back the clock and reduce the signs of aging, it's important to pay as much attention to your neck and chest area as you do to your face. This delicate skin needs hydration to keep the wrinkles at bay, and silicone decollete pads will deliver this much-needed moisture while keeping your skin looking its best.

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