Download the Dermaclara Mobile App

download the dermaclara app

Do you ever wonder if the skincare you're using is making a difference? It's tough to notice change in your skin when you look at yourself everyday. To solve this common problem faced by skincare users everywhere, Dermaclara created a mobile beauty app designed to track a Dermaclara user's progress. The first of its kind, the Dermaclara app utilizes photos taken by a user over the course of using the Dermaclara skincare system.

 Here's how to use this innovative skincare app:

  • Download the free Dermaclara app on either Apple App Store or Google Play.
  • Over the course of your consistent Dermaclara usage, take photos using the on-screen guides for correct positioning.
  • Register your name and email address to save and store your photos.
  • Dermaclara then combines your photos into a timelapse movie to allow you to watch your skin's progress!

 Download the free app today and watch your skin's progress! 

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