Don't Derail your Diet During the Holidays

Don't Derail your Diet During the Holidays

The holidays are a time for friends, family, gifts, and food. Lots and lots of food. Everywhere you go, there are holiday sweets and treats to be had. While fun and festive, this can seriously dent your diet, reversing the hard work (and workouts!) you've done all year. But don't despair -- with a few tips, you can strategize around tempting holiday delights and keep your waistline slim and trim.

Party Strategy - You know you're invited to more parties this time of year than any other! Parties are full of dietary landmines in the form of fatty foods, sugary desserts, and calorie-laden alcohol. Here's what you should do: Before a party, have a clean dinner full of vegetables. The fiber will keep you full for hours. Have two glasses of water right before you leave. When you get to the party, allow yourself one small treat and one glass of wine or champagne. You won't feel deprived OR hungry!

Family Dinner Strategy - You love getting together with your family and friends around the holidays, but the excess of food can make even the most disciplined dieter weak. Not to fear! Try adding two or three healthy dishes to each family dinner. Eat those first, THEN allow yourself something naughty. Chances are, you won't want too much of it after filling yourself with the healthy stuff.

Store Samples Strategy - Did you know that an average trip to Costco on a sample-filled Saturday afternoon can add up to over 1000 calories! And with the holiday samples, that can jump up even higher. What do we we suggest? Honestly, just skip the samples altogether. Once you start, it's hard to stop.

Tell us in the comments: What are your tips for keeping fit during the holidays?

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