Dog Daze of Summer : Tips to Keep Your Dog Cool & Safe

tips to keep dogs safe and cool

Dogs love summer. What's not to love? - Longer walks, longer days, dog beaches, and pet parents with more time off to spend with them. Because the weather can get extreme during the summer, here are some tips to keep Fido safe and happy during the lazy dog days of summer!

Tip #1: Avoid the midday sun. Don't take your pup out in the middle of the day when it's the hottest. Their paw pads can burn! For longer walks, take them out early, or in the evening just before the sun sets. Remember, if it's too hot for you to go barefoot, it's too hot for your dog, too!

Tip #2: Go to dog beach. If you have a dog beach near you, by all means, take man's best friend! Most dogs love to frolic, run, and play in the waves. Plus, it keeps them cool, too! Just make sure to keep an eye on them to make sure they don't go out too far.

Tip #3: Keep your dog inside during any fireworks. Summer is a time of celebration, and with celebration comes fireworks. But pets get scared of the loud popping noises, and more dogs are lost on Fourth of July than any other day because of the noise. So if you know there will be fireworks, keep your dogs inside with the windows closed.

Tip #4: Invest in a kiddie pool. Dogs love to take a dip! If you don't have a real pool, why not get a kiddie pool for your backyard and let your pup lounge during the day? He'll appreciate it, and you'll get a kick out of seeing him in a little plastic pool in the sun!

Do you have any other tips to keep your best friend cool this summer? Share in the comments!

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