Dermatologist Recommended Skincare

Apr 14, 2017

dermatologist recommended skincare

Your skin has a tough job. It's exposed to the elements and put through the ringer all day, every day. Without proper TLC, your skin could begin to show the signs of aging more quickly than it would if it were properly cared for.

The truth is, no matter how old you are, a great skincare regimen is an essential part of a healthy, happy lifestyle. Although dermatologists may disagree about certain products or skincare methods, there are a few tried-and-true necessities that nearly any doctor will advocate.

If you want to make skincare magic happen, these elements should help you along your journey:

Cleanse with Great Products
You always want to start and end the day with a fresh, clean face. Cleansing with great products at least twice a day will help keep your pores free of debris, sweat, and particles that could make it look dull and cause blemishes.

Be sure to inspect the ingredients contained in the products you use on your delicate facial tissue. Alcohol and other ingredients will almost certainly dry out your skin. Look for cream-based elements that support your body's natural moisture and collagen-producing efforts.

Exfoliate to Alleviate Dead Skin Cells
If you're leaving dead skin cells on the surface, you're leaving beautiful skin on the table. Positive skin cell turnover is absolutely essential, but sometimes your body needs a little help letting go of the past.

Healthy exfoliation techniques, inclusive of great products and tools, will help your skin remove surface dullness while providing a canvas for future regeneration.

Remember, when you exfoliate, you're exposing fresh skin cells to the world. In doing so, you'll want to be gentle with them, nurturing these cells with products and tools that will enhance their growth. Serums offer a powerful boost of antioxidants and skin-specific vitamins that will encourage a positive reaction to your daily skincare regimen.

Never Forget Moisturizer
Day or night -- rushed or lazy -- moisturizer is one of those can't-forget ingredients. In the morning, you should set your skin up for success with a moisturizer that's equipped with SPF protection to help keep premature aging at bay. In the evening, a thicker night cream is appropriate, as it will help rejuvenate and refresh your skin while you sleep.

Embrace Skin-Protective Treatments
Although you can't tell Father Time to turn back the clock, there are certain skincare elements that could enhance your beauty while reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Medical-grade silicone beauty products have recently begun to offer men and women the ability to embrace a more youthful appearance with little effort. Dermaclara's Dr. Kent Leyton explains, "Our patented clarafuse Silicone Fusion Treatment creates a temporary fusion and microclimate as it adheres to the skin. This maintains the natural hydration of the dermis, while gently lifting and re-training the skin for a smoother, younger look."

Dermaclara was an accidental discovery, which was stumbled upon after conducting extensive research regarding the treatment of scars and keloids. After many years, we discovered that our technology could help eliminate the wrinkles and lines we develop as we age, as well as reduce the appearance of stretch marks. Today, our new skincare line is focused on rejuvenating the skin all over your body, and maintaining its youthful glow. For more information, visit



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