Dermaclara Stretch Mark Treatment

clarafuse stretch mark treatment

Dermaclara stretch mark treatment is the latest innovation in skincare from the renowned skincare line. Utilizing proprietary Silicone Fusion Technology, Dermaclara clarafuse treats stretch marks all over the body, including those on the arms, legs, stomach, and hips. As the majority of mother know, stretch marks can pop up as a result of pregnancy. But there are less obvious reasons for getting stretch marks: puberty, weight gain and weight loss, and even poor nutrition and hydration can lead to those ugly stripes that give skin a blemished, discolored appearance. Though stretch marks start off red or purple, they fade into a silvery-white color, still prominent on most skin tones.

Dermaclara stretch mark treatment doesn't require any trips to the dermatologist for multiple, expensive laser treatments that don't work for everyone. Nor does it require constant application of creams that don't work. The medical grade silicone used in Silicone Fusion Technology creates a microclimate that allows the skin to heal, hydrate, and plump itself--making stretch marks disappear!

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