Dermaclara Clarafuse Reviews

Feb 02, 2016

dermaclara clarafuse


Dermaclara clarafuse is the latest in in anti-aging wrinkle busting. Consisting of safe, medical grade silicone in various shapes, clarafuse dermapads adhere to skin on the chest, forehead, and around the eyes and mouth to “iron out” wrinkles and train the skin from making new lines. Each clarafuse dermapad lasts up to 30 days, and results can be seen in as little as an hour!

Here’s what clarafuse users have been saying:

 I didn’t believe my best friend when she told me about clarafuse. She gave me one of her eye dermapads and told me to try it on just one side of my face, so I did, and I couldn’t believe my eyes after peeling it off after a couple of hours! There was a noticeable difference in my crow’s feet from one side of my face to the other! After seeing that, I had to order it for myself. Now I use it several times a week on the rest of my face. Happy, happy!

  • Rina F. Des Moines, IA

Clarafuse is amazing! I was going to get a chemical peel on my chest when I saw a video on Dermaclara. I decided to try it first, and so glad I did. My sun-damaged chest has been steadily improving, with the lines looking more faint and the sun damage looking better. Highly recommend!

  • Janice P. New York, NY

I wish I would have discovered clarafuse earlier! There’s no product that works as quickly and effectively (and affordably) as Dermaclara clarafuse. Just stick it on, wait an hour or a more, then peel off to fresher, younger skin! Love it.

  • Victoria A. Seattle, WA

My skin is really sensitive to a lot of skincare ingredients, so I’m wary of anything I use. When I discovered clarafuse, I was happy to find out it was medical grade silicone that didn’t cause allergic reactions. I’ve been using it on my chest and forehead (which are my problem areas) for a couple of weeks now and my skin has never looked better! Who knew that sticking silicone on your skin could make it look so much younger!

  • Natalie R. Los Angeles, CA

Not only do these Dermaclara customers love clarafuse, they love the entire Dermaclara line. Consisting of kits with different products and skincare tools, Dermaclara offers the beauty consumer a no-hassle and effective way of taking care of skin. For more information, or to order, visit



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