Dermaclara Beauty Relaunches Brand

Since creating the popular beauty brand in 2016, Thao Tran and Elizabeth Sanders have established a popular and results-oriented way to address the two most common skin concerns experienced by women: stretch marks and wrinkles.

Today, the brand is known for its ingenious products that help diminish stretch marks, wrinkles, scars, and hyperpigmentation. 

Dermaclara Beauty forged a revolutionary path by creating a new technology utilizing the power of medical grade silicone named Silicone Fusion™ technology (SiFu). It is one of the few brands that offer silicone patches that work to help with most distressing skin concerns women face -- wrinkles and stretch marks. But this brand offers more than just silicone patches; it offer a whole lineup of products to help enhance and maximize results.

Dermaclara's Full Range of Products

In keeping up with the times, Dermaclara Beauty relaunches with a refreshed look, product line, and appeal to the millennial consumer who may have just had her first baby or discovered her first wrinkle. Aside from the well-loved original clarafuse silicone patches, you can also expect the whole range of products to be re-released as part of this upcoming launch. 

Dermaclara offers a full range of products that help reduce fine lines and wrinkles, stretch marks, and scars.

Apart from the kit dedicated to addressing fine lines and wrinkles (Face System), Dermaclara Beauty also offers oversized patches designed to help with stretch marks (Body System). The stretch mark product kit comes with a larger, patch that effectively adheres to any part of your body. Leave for at least one hour to overnight and you’re all set!

To conquer both wrinkles and stretch marks, women use the Face + Body System in an easy to use, cost-effective kit.

Behind the Dermaclara Beauty Difference

What has particularly differentiated Dermaclara Beauty from other brands is that it was created in collaboration with top dermatologists and youth scientists. On top of that, the company dedicated itself to performing clinical tests to prove their products work. 

Unlike other brands that rely on marketing hype, Dermaclara Beauty makes sure that clinical tests back any of their claims and links to them on the website for the savvy consumer.

dermaclara beauty

Thao and Elizabeth want  to make a difference in women’s lives with their own beauty brand that highlights women’s natural beauty instead of altering it with invasive procedures. Solving their own skincare issues inspired them to help other women like them.

The result? A brand that effectively addresses women’s deep-seated skin concerns and empowers women to look and feel their best—whatever their age is. 

Dermaclara’s Proprietary Technology

Dermaclara’s very own Silicone Fusion technology (SiFu) offers a painless and non-invasive to address common skin concerns by women. It makes use of high quality, medical grade silicone patches that adhere to the skin to effectively reduce stretch marks or wrinkles.

The technology (featured in clarafuse patches) works by creating a microclimate between the silicone and skin that helps the skin heal itself and diminish some of the most stubborn skin discoloration and markings, including stretch marks, hyperpigmentation, fine lines, and wrinkles. 

With such a powerful technology behind it, all Dermaclara Beauty products have undergone clinical assessments that back up their efficacy in improving the skin.

The entire range has been designed with this technology at the forefront. The result is a skincare brand that’s suitable for all skin types and doesn’t make use of irritants or harsh surfactants.   

dermaclara beauty

What to Expect From Dermaclara Beauty’s Upcoming Relaunch

This upcoming relaunch is set to take the beauty world by storm with its continuous commitment to efficacy and non-invasive products that are painless and require no downtime.

With a focus on young mothers and millennial who are beginning to worry about aging, The full Dermaclara Beauty lineup will be back in stock, but in different kit configurations that make it even easier for the user to use and achieve fabulous results. Plus, the site will have an updated look that makes it easier for users to navigate it. This means you get a smoother website experience that allows you to pick and order from the site much intuitively.

Stay tuned for more launch updates!

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