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Apr 14, 2016
Since debuting on the market, Dermaclara has received quite a bit of attention from the beauty world. The three specialized kits all revolve around clarafuse, Dermaclara’s breakthrough medical grade silicone dermapads. These thin pads have a sticky side that adhere to the skin you’re treating, helping to iron out the appearance of wrinkles.

If you’re still using skincare from another line, but would like to try Dermaclara, check out the Basic Kit, which is an introductory kit featuring clarafuse, claraprep creamy cleanser, the handheld exfoliator, and claralips lip serum. To prepare your skin for treating with clarafuse, wash and exfoliate by using claraprep cleanser together. Dry thoroughly and apply clarafuse directly to the skin. Not only do you get clarafuse, claraprep, and the exfoliator, you also receive claralips as a free gift. This lip serum help maintain lips’ hydration levels, as well as help increase the look of their volume. Most users who purchase the Dermaclara Basic Kit graduate to Dermaclara Complete Kit, which features several of Dermaclara’s most loved products and tools:

clarasome radiance restoring moisturizer
claraline peptide intensifying serum
clarapulse facial pore-refining and massaging device
claratone skin stimulating serum applicator

Dermaclara recommends Youth Systems, like the Basic, to enhance the effectiveness of each complementary product.
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