Customer Review Of Dermaclara Beauty Stretch Mark Treatment

customer review of dermaclara stretch mark treatment

Dermaclara's Silicone Fusion™ Stretch Mark Treatment is the latest advancement for stretch mark treatment. Using no chemicals, injections, or lasers, Silicone Fusion™ is a unique, proprietary silicone pad that adheres to skin affected by stretch marks. While on the skin, Silicone Fusion™ creates an occlusion, which is a microclimate that encourages hydration and stimulates collagen growth. These two actions help the appearance of stretch marks fade and blend into the surrounding skin.

What do real users of Silicone Fusion™ Treatments think?

Here's Janice T. of Modesto, California's story:

"I feel like I've had stretch marks my whole life. Whenever I reached a milestone that involved gaining weight (like puberty, working out, pregnancy) I would get tons of stretch marks each time! My whole body - from arms to stomach to legs - has stretch marks on it somewhere. I was so distressed about it. After having my last baby a few months ago, I decided to do something about it. I read about Dermaclara Beauty in a magazine and about how they're using advanced skincare technology to help fade stretch marks. I though I would try it. I had nothing to lose except stretch marks.

I got a few of them, and applied them to the new stretch marks on my stomach and hips. I left them on for a few hours each time, and after a couple of weeks, they had significantly faded! I really couldn't believe my eyes. After suffering with stretch marks my whole life, I finally found something that worked, and I didn't need to use any creams that didn't work or go to the dermatologist for laser treatments. I'm going to continue using Silicone Fusion™ for my stretch marks! I feel like I have a new lease on life! Thank you, Dermaclara!"

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