Product Reviews: Dermaclara Skincare System vs Sio Beauty

Oct 11, 2016

Dermaclara vs Sio

There are thousands of skincare lines and products out there, so how do you, as a beauty consumer, choose what's best for you and your skin? There are a few things to look at, and smart consumers choose based on the following:

  • Product reviews from other users
  • Clinical product testing and results
  • The skin’s unique needs
  • Cost of maintaining regular use

You should pass on skincare line or product if the cost to use it long-term is prohibitive, or if it doesn’t have clinical backing. Dermaclara clarafuse has been clinically proven to improve skin in as little as an hour, so we’ve decided to compare Dermaclara to similar products on the market.

This time, we’ve compared Dermaclara skincare system with Sio Beauty. Sio has a similar pad that adheres to the chest with the purpose of reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles on the chest.

  Dermaclara Sio 
Skincare system Comprehensive system with cleanser, serum, moisturizer, dermapads, lip serum, deep cleansing device, serum application device Minimal system with cleanser, skin pad, and serum
Cost $189 for 9-item kit $279.95 for 3-item kit
Life of silicone pad 30 days 15 days
Shape of silicone pad Larger and conducive to more chest coverage Smaller and covers smaller area
Silicone pads for face Available for forehead, areas around eyes and mouth Not available
Variety of kits Two different kits available  One kit available 
BBB rating A+ none known

As you can see, Dermaclara clearly comes out on top. Its value, clinical backing, and flexibility of use (can be used on the face, as well as the chest) proves to be a better choice for women interested in keeping a youthful look to their skin.

Dermaclara provides skincare expert-designed skincare that enhances and complements the results of clarafuse medical grade dermapads. Products like claraprep cream cleanser, claraline peptide serum, and clarasome radiance restoring moisturizer enhance and complement the results of clarafuse, making fighting lines, wrinkles, dullness, and roughness quick, easy, and noticeable. For more information, visit




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