Cheap Summer Getaways that Won’t Break the Bank

Jul 14, 2017

cheap summer getaways

A three-week summer holiday to Europe out of your budget? Don't worry: We have cheap summer getaway ideas that won't break the bank, but give YOU a much-needed break!

The Coast - If you live within driving distance of the coast - whether that means the west coast (Southern and Northern California, Oregon, or Washington) or the east coast (eastern seaboard all the way down to Florida) - go! Bring the kids, stop at the a grocery store for some snacks, and hop in the car. Choose your start and end point, and meander down the highway, with plenty of stops to take in the breathtaking view.

The City - If you live in the burbs, why not book a hotel room in a lively part of the nearest city to which you live? New York, Los Angeles, Miami or any other large city will do. One night and room service won't break the bank, and it will give you a chance to feel like you're on a real vacation. Walk around like you're a tourist and take a ton of photos. When you get back home, you'll feel refreshed and rejuvenated!

The Cousins - Having a cheap getaway doesn't mean you have to stick to road trips. If you have relatives who live in places you would love to visit out-of-state, take that as an opportunity to save on hotel accommodations. As long as your trip isn't longer than a few days, your relatives (provided you're on good terms) should be happy to see you and put you up for a few nights. Just remember a hostess gift and to help clean up!



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