Celebrating National Chicken Lady Day

Hearing the name National Chicken Lady Day brings a lot of very interesting images to mind. Is it a day centered around food? Is it a day all about your favorite egg-laying barnyard animal? While it isn’t either of those things, it is something much more amazing. 

National Chicken Lady Day celebrates Dr. Marthenia Dupree, a former executive of a chicken restaurant who became a motivational speaker. She has worked incredibly hard to build herself a career to be proud of and inspire others to do the same. Not only that but she’s also worked to build up her community and improve education. 

She started her career as a maid, as her mother and grandmother had been before her. She changed paths when she started attending college in her thirties and explored public speaking for the first time. It sparked an instant love, and she found her purpose was to motivate others and help them find their own paths. 

The moniker “The Chicken Lady” stems from twelve years of hard work in an incredibly popular chicken restaurant chain where she launched herself into the public’s hearts and minds. President George W. Bush brought her to the White House to celebrate her efforts to advocate for her community and improve education. To honor her, he solidified November 4th as National Chicken Lady Day. 

Even after leaving her position at the restaurant chain, they still keep her on as their spokesperson. Today, she still represents her community and has launched herself into a successful career public speaking to big and small institutions. She lends her voice and expertise to those who want to learn how to improve their lives and aid their communities. 

Through interactions with her community and these institutions, she teaches individuals how to create their own happiness. She claims that we invest so much time, energy, and funds into other businesses and individuals, so why don’t we do that for ourselves? Her goal is to help others find their purpose and lead them to greater things.

She runs her own non-profit, training and helping the next generation of public speakers find their voices. With her motivational speaking, seminars, and even her book, you can find your voice too. 

How To Celebrate

While there are no official rules for how you should celebrate National Chicken Lady Day, there are many things you can do to honor the spirit behind The Chicken Lady and how hard she has worked to inspire and aid her community.

Donate Your Time: If you believe your community could use some of your time, heart, and effort, donate to celebrate. Go to your local library and donate some books or even your time reading to children. You could also spend some time donating supplies to a school or getting involved with your local initiatives to better fund or support education. 

Seize the Day: Motivate yourself to celebrate and do something to better your own life. Make an important move for yourself and better your future by making plans. Start a new hobby, develop a new skill, or invest your time into yourself to stave off burnout. 

Educate Yourself: Take time to learn more about your community and how you can better improve it. Or just learn about something you’ve always wanted to know. Go to a library or research something that fascinates you as a way to honor The Chicken Lady and better yourself. 

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