Caring for Oily Skin

Aug 11, 2016

 caring for oily skin

Oily skin can be a serious challenge. There's nothing quite like the feeling of finally getting it under control to the point it doesn't make you feel self-conscious. On the bright side, your skin tends to become dryer as you get older. There's still time for yours to improve! Until then, here are some tips to get your oily skin in a better place.

1. Choose the right soap, especially for your face. A separate face wash is critical for people with oily skin. Don't choose a generic cleaning solution. You need one that's specifically created for skin just like yours. If it says Oily / Combination skin that's perfectly alright. Combination skin just means your skin is only oily in your t-zone (forehead and nose).

2. Use an exfoliating loofah or brush on the oily parts of your body. This typically includes your upper back at minimum.

3. Are you using a anti-aging product on your face? Some offer the choice between a cream and a lotion. If yours doesn't, consider making a change to one that does offer a lotion. Lotion consistency products are less likely to make your skin look and feel greasy.

4. Wash your face in the morning and at night. If time is an issue, you can use face wipes for one of the two. Face wipes are typically available in general cleansing and makeup removing wipes. If you wear makeup, we recommend the latter. Of course, washing with your carefully chosen soap is always ideal.

5. Carry a powder foundation with you to touch up any areas that begin to shine during the day.

Follow these tips and your skin will pose significantly less of a challenge. Don't give up your other skin care goals, just switch to lotions. Exfoliation is your friend and will help keep your skin clear of dead skin. Washing day and night is also a sure-fire way to help maintain healthy skin. Good luck finding products that work for you!



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