Beach Gear You & Your Kids Need

Jun 19, 2017

beach gear you and your kids need

The kids are out of school, you have some unused vacation days, so how can you keep them occupied while gaining a little R & R yourself? Easy: Head to the beach! But before you go, stock up on necessary beach gear to make your beach trips enjoyable, comfortable, and safe.

1. Beach ball. This classic is classic for a reason - It's fun for kids of all ages. A beach ball can be used for sand soccer, sand volley ball, or simply catch. Bring an extra in case it blows away or gets deflated.

2. Oversized umbrella or cabana. Vital to protect your skin and your kids', a fun, colorful umbrella or cabana not only offers valuable shade, but it can also help your kids identify where Mom is when they're splashing around in the water. Bonus: Many now come with SPF woven into the fabric!

3. Waterproof beach bag or cooler tote. You don't want to drag a designer tote to the beach and get it sandy and wet. Instead, get a chic, waterproof bag to carry all of your (and your kids') gear and snacks. Throw in drinks, snacks, and if it gets wet or sandy, just wipe down. No harm, no foul.

4. Plastic sand tools. Give your kids hours of fun (and give yourself quiet time) with plastic sand tools - buckets, shovels, etc. They can build sand castles, sand condos, or sand anything. 

5. Trashy beach novels. This is for you. Enjoy time under the umbrella while your kids are playing or swimming by enjoying some salacious beach reading. 

6. Sunblock. This is a no-brainer, but you'd be surprised how many people forget sunblock, thinking that an umbrella or hat will protect them. Don't make that mistake! It only takes one or two serious burns during childhood to cause long-term sun damage. Repeat application after ever 60-90 minutes all over exposed skin.



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